Marathon Monday: Week 1

This week has been full of travel and adventure! I kept it up anyway; three-quarters for me and a quarter for you.

Monday kicked off my first marathon training run, it was lovely (that post here)!

Tuesday was a cross training day and, per usual I used yoga to keep me strong and flexible!

Wednesday I flew out of down, was supposed to run but I used it as a rest day because it was a long, busy day.

Thursday I ran what I was supposed to run Wednesday and I felt great! Today was a rest day so I ran slower than usual.

Friday was a cross training day, I stretched for an extended period and did about fifteen minutes of yoga throughout the day.

Saturday quite frankly I was running low on sleep and used what little extra time I had to sleep. Again, we walked a lot this day but I figured it was best for my body to recuperate a little while I could. I did feel guilty so my next run I’ll be pushing myself.

Sunday official day off.

Today once I get home (I’ve been hanging out in California since Wednesday) I look forward to a quick nap then getting back on my home trails!!

PS this meme reminds me of…me. I know because, well, I ran on the treadmill this week:


Weekly Recap:

Finished Eat & Run and the recap will be hanging out here by Friday!

I am not a huge fan of treadmills but I learned this week that bananas and oatmeal are a great way to keep me going!

OH I am about to sign up for TWO virtual races (races run at the same time, all over the world) so if you’d like to join me (and I think it’d be cool if you did I would love that) I will have more info on the those soon too. One in October, one in November!!

I’m not home so this is a pretty short recap! Have a great week everybody!

How’s your training going? Any travel tips to keep us on a schedule?

I find that working out in the morning is the only real time I can control so I workout as soon as I get up! Cheers!!

Marathon Monday 09/23

I think it’s only fair to warn people that this most may get a little personal, as will become customary on Mondays!

Breakfast: 16oz of water and maple, brown sugar oatmeal – yum!

Today’s Plan: Week one, day one. Five minute warm up, run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes (repeat 7 times), 5 minute cool down. Added: 1 hr of yoga.

Extra nutrition: ENERGYbits, 16oz sports drink, and 10oz of water.


Today is beautiful! 52 degrees (F) and 88% humidity with a 4mph wind – that makes me a happy runner! One thing I will say is that I’m using an app that has a training program and prompts me to walk and to run.

I started out at a brisk walk to warm up, after about seven minutes I checked my phone to see if I had gone five minutes. I had but the app wasn’t verbally prompting me like it usually does – this was my first sign today wasn’t going to be leisurely! The second sign was that fourteen minutes in I forgot to start my Garmin – gr!!  By this time I have to pee (warned you!) so I head toward the bathroom right off the trail (luckily there are actually facilities!).

Ok, finally, onto the trail and to finish, er, start, this first run of the season!! I’m cruising right along and loving the weather, jacket comes off, and life is good. I even got to see four deer (two pictured!)

image-1 image-3

This is going to sound like a b**** fest but really I had so much fun!!

About a mile in my left foot goes numb, after pulling off my shoes and shaking out my feet I was back on the road, for about 3/4 mile increments to readjust!

Mile three and half a blister forms right behind the ball of my right foot but I thought it was something in my shoe so I kept stopping to empty my shoes…of nothing. Oh well, it wasn’t until I got home and pulled off my sock it was a lovely blister! See? You’re welcome and I’m sorry all at the same time!


Which brings me nicely into the fact that these runners are on the way out and I am actively looking for a new shoe bff!

Not everything went as smoothly as I’d like but it was a fabulous run and I’m so happy to be on this road to 26.2!!


Yayyy! Day One and done!!

Post run: sports drink immediately after; pasta and beans at home.

As for my yoga – AMAZING!! I love yoga! It’s the perfect compliment to running, it’s harder than it looks and helps with stability on the trail. You don’t know this but my balance is worse than, well think of a toddler on a bike without training wheels for the first time! There you go – that’s every day for me! Haha Obviously not that bad but pretty darn close!

Overall today was extremely productive – I know what to change and I’m so stinking excited to get up and get going the rest of the week and beyond!

We train for the kinks in the armor and the bumps along the road. My road has just begun and I cannot wait to share every moment with you!

Weekly Update:

  • The ‘I will run for chocolate’ headband I ordered from Hot Chocolate 5k came in and they even sent me a few extras – thanks guys!!
  • My ProCompression socks still haven’t made it to the mailbox – 😦
  • My every day shoes were retired yesterday, long overdue but still a sad day!
  • I added a stick (the link is to the actual stick so you know the benefits but I got mine at Target for $20 and it’s the same thing so save where you can!)
  • I stocked up on plane reads, got to start on ‘Eat and Run’ today, and look forward to doing a few book reviews for you guys!
  • I’m about two weeks late but The Fitness Mom is a new blogger and she is full of fabulous nutrition info!
  • I applied to become a Sweat Pink and Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador – prayers to head in the right direction and crossed fingers appreciated!
  • I have been added to Lovely Wife, Lovely Life‘s Under 21 Club – thank you lovely!

Have guys started a new fitness plan recently?

Any shoe recommendations?

Post Event Depression

It’s a thing. We’ve all been through it at one point or another and we all have our own way of dealing with it.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 7.10.16 PM

Post race depression is the second or third (depending on how you count) suggestion in Google Search and has 4.3 million hits. What else is there to possibly say? What it does to me and most importantly how we can all hopefully overcome it.

  • I get cranky. Really, really, really cranky. Like my husband can’t do anything right even though he deserves the Husband of the Year award.
  • I get pushy. This kind of goes with cranky but I want everything done right now. No, yesterday. I want you to read this yesterday! Which leads me into the third…
  • I am completely unmotivated. I don’t want to get out of bed, I don’t want to run, I don’t want to do anything. I just want to lay there like a blog

PS that’s just the beginning!

So how does this:


Lead into this:


Let me explain…

You’re anticipating “your” event and you may even rock it out, set a PR, have a great time and everything might have gone your way. The anticipation and the excitement is over so it seems as if there’s not a whole lot more to look forward to in terms of racing. A few hours or a day go by and you’re down in the dumps, you feel like you’ve been knocked off the top of the mountain and all you want to do is curl up, eat junk food and never race again. At least that’s how I feel. What used to happen is I would do just that and it would be months and months before I’d get up and even go on a run again.

I decided this time that wasn’t going to happen so what did I change? Everything.

  1. I (read ‘my amazing husband’) didn’t let me just wallow in bed Tuesday morning like I wanted and skip class. I did lay in bed about thirty minutes until he so awesomely coaxed me up but I did eventually get up and have a productive day!
  2. I (this time it really was me) ordered an appetizer so I would be too full to eat dessert when we went out Wednesday night. It would have been the ice cream on top of a skillet cookie kind of dessert too so my incentive was to starve myself until dinner!
  3. I signed up for two races in the past week to keep myself motivated. A 5k that I’ll run mid Dec and a full marathon I’ll run in April. This has two purposes: to keep me looking forward to a race and to keep me training so I don’t fall into a rut…again.
  4. I’ve also found surrounding myself with other runners who are mid training helps! Shout out to Bree at RunningBreezy for helping to keep me sane!

The rest of the week:

  • By Tuesday I could descend stairs with very little pain and my quads are back to 100%! Yay!
  • Marathon training starts a week late this Monday because I was in too much pain last Monday. Cheers! With marathon training comes “Marathon Mondays”!
  • My “Go! Marathon Weekend” hat (free to the first 250 crazies who signed up for April) came in with a little bit of happy training motivation!
  •  I ordered ProCompression socks at 40% off this week and got a shipping conformation this Thursday – I hope they’ll get here in time to go to California with me!
  • Speaking of California – I’m headed out there next week to see family. I’m really sad about not being able to make it to the beach but I’ll be glad to be on the West Coast! I’ll be attempting travel friendly workouts aka quiet!

That’s all the noteworthy stuff happening in my world this week.

Does anybody else have ideas for beating out the blues? Races they’ve signed up for recently?

Event Recap: Xtreme Hike

I welcome foam rollers, sticks, and athletic trainers even two days after this xtreme adventure!

Although my leg of this journey started over three months ago and will take a break until until next summer I can honestly say it didn’t seem long enough. I introduced you to my inspiration a few short weeks ago and since then the anticipation has been building like mad to give you guys a recap.

Let me apologize in advance, I am going to take you through the whole weekend so get ready to read (and see more than a few pictures)!


I packed my bag (you guys got to see that process – lots of work!), headed over to eat lunch with and get a few knots out from my back by my husband, and finally headed out to the Wilderness Lodge in Lesterville, MO where we were staying for the weekend.


Check in started at four but I ran into traffic on the way down so I got there about five pm and just in time to check in, socialize a little, be fed – perfect timing!! We were given welcome packs, room keys, and a weekend itinerary at check in – it was going to be a busy weekend!!

I stayed with CF Foundation staff in a charming three bed/two bath cabin that had a large living room and screened in front porch (there were even beds out there!).

A few pictures of the digs…

Jacks Cabin dscn2137

Charming right? I thought so!

With almost all hikers and volunteers to the Lodge we chowed down on salad, homemade spaghetti and meat balls, and ice cream. I only had the fortitude to take a picture of the dessert. Yes, my mind was focused on the  sweet stuff in life!

While hikers ate Mike Burke spoke to us and truly touched each one of us. Mike is a 43 year old man who is living a insanely inspiring life. He has completed nine marathons, fifteen half marathons, and three triathlons all within the last thirteen years. But wait, there’s yet another remarkable thing about Mike – he has Cystic Fibrosis.

Take a moment and let it sink in.

Over 9,000 pills a year not just for CF but for Diabetes as well, a vest treatment daily, and somehow he still finds time to train for endurance events, give back to his community, and be thankful for CF for bringing him to where he is today.

Did I mention he’s about as humble and kind as they come? He is. He spoke to us about how at 16 he looked at his life and realized he may not make it to his high school graduation and at 20 the life expectancy was 22, how for that very reason he was not interested in going to college. Eight years (and a college degree) late Mike was 30, the life expectancy 28 and he had an epiphany that allowed him to take back control of his life from CF. From there he planned to live, he found marathons and is now running at 80% lung capacity. There is always hope. 

During dessert we moved to the safety and trail presentation. It was interesting to hear about the past and proposed future of the trail trying to get the Ozark Trail expanded to 700 miles from the Arkansas boarder to the Mississippi River. How is that for extreme?! The Ozark Trail Association even gave us nifty pins and brochures for bedtime reading!

Finally around ten o’clock we all went our separate ways and headed to bed. In just a few short hours we would be up and bused to the trailhead where we could begin our journey down the road less traveled.

We all went to bed with sweet notes from the CFF staff, could they spoil us any more? Ok, maybe with a foot rub post hike but it’s the thought that counts!

photo 1

I organized my pack Friday night with all these lovely goodies! Thank you to all our sponsors! Naturally here’s the gutted contents of our welcome packs:

photo 2   image-5

Saturday (Hike Your Feet Off Day!):

Beep, Beep, Beep, WHAP! That alarm was not a welcome sound at two am but thank goodness I could just stumble out of bed, fumble with my pack, and head out the door to breakfast. By three am I was awake and had eaten breakfast, filled my bladder (the one in my pack), and relieved my other bladder (TMI? Probably want to skip to the summary haha).

Bright eyed and bushy tailed we posed for the first of many pictures:


Herded onto a bus next and gripped with anticipation we headed into the wilderness. Don’t we all look thrilled?!

1239534_10202269186910496_254050405_nThirty minutes later we evacuate the bus and gather in our respected start groups. Speedy Gonzales’ upfront and Team Tortoise in the rear. Off to Grandma’s house we went with our headlamps, maps, compasses, and determination.

I didn’t see this for myself but a very reputable source told me everyone looked like little ants marching up the hill (and there was a pretty steep incline for the first mile, elevation gain of 243 feet) and that we were adorable. This is probably the only time I’m going to celebrate being an ant – whoo!

I started out in the slowest proposed group and got to spend quality time with Team Tortoise. Our original group of four split into two groups of two and got to hiking at a comfortable, easy pace.

Deb and I hiked the first two miles before hearing the rest of what would become Team Tortoise coming in behind us. Ringleader Suzie took us in and we plodding along at a leisurely pace!

Head lamp activated, Garmin GPS beeping every mile

Within a few hours we hear the stomping of what we thought were hikers who started behind us. No, these were the hikers who started BEFORE us and who got lost less than two miles in. Savoring for a moment that we were ahead we moved to the side quickly when we realized that they planned on running us over if we even thought about standing our ground! The blur shows just how speedy these guys were:


We wandered across a ridge, got to star gaze and watch the sun rise, it was

Aid Station #1 ( 2 hours, 48 mins in at mile 6.8)

We all felt pretty good, munched on some snacks, rested only briefly and hit the trail again.

I slipped into a creek crossing early on and Suzie offered to let me use an extra pair of socks she had in her comfort pack at the first Aid Station – thank goodness for Suzie! For the rest of the day I rocked some awesome pink knee highs:


Here is our group (minus photographer Steve) at mile 8.7 or so:


Happy, smiling people! Let me introduce them from left to right: Peggy, Patty,Suzie in the front; Tom, Deb, me in the back! Bonus material, the photographer:

Not a whole lot to talk about between Aid Station #1 and #2, we were all feeling good and glad to be hiking in such amazing weather!

Lots of “trail talk” happened throughout the day but in this particular leg we heard a little too much about Suzie and Tom. Oh wait, if I learned anything these past three months it’s that there is nothing off limits!

Aid Station #2 (mile 15.2)

Smack dab in the middle of our 30.1 miles blisters were starting to appear and knees started to hurt. Patty who had hobbled with blisters in many of our training hikes decided that she had gone as far as she could go and decided to cheer us on at the Aid Stations. Kuddos to Patty who listened to her body and gave it her all through mile 15!!


We refueled with Gatorade and beef jerky. A few of us were running low on water so refilling our bladder was a necessity too!

Between Aid Station #2 and #3 proved to be the toughest part of the day, terrain was sandy, then rocky, and always unpredictable but we made it as a team and it proved to be valuable bonding time!

Aid Station #3 (mile 22.2)

I don’t have any pictures at #3 but we were getting mentally and physically exhausted around this time. Three of us had our feet elevated on a makeshift table.

Deb and Peggy scurried off before the rest of the team so Deb could see her family at the finish! They booked the last eight miles!!

Suzie, our fearless leader was close to the wall and about ready to throw in the towel until she looked through her inspiration pictures of everyone afflicted by CF. Putting on a brave face and drying her tears she slipped her shoes back on and we headed out on the trail. We were all fairly gassed at this point so it really helped everyone to have Mike Burke (inspirational CFer from Friday night, I know you remember him!) and Matt, a CF dad, trekking alongside us.

543449_10200120745456308_1667951110_nTeam Tortoise with the Game Changers!

We had a few falls early in the last leg but nothing serious came of them thankfully!

For the last little bit of the hike we were teased by the sight of the lake and the beach where the finish line was but it sure was beautiful!

The last mile or so was tortuous for me because Steve kept suggesting we had an extra mile or two to go and I went into complete mental panic. To prepare for that I slowed and took my time trying to figure out when the best time to cry was going to be. Thankfully Steve had misremembered the map and we were right on schedule!

We started hearing the cheers about half a mile from the finish line and a few of us jogged our way up into camp chairs and, for those legal to drink, beer. What a fantastic way to end a fourteen hour day!

The proof is in the pudding!


Whoa. The exhaustion set in as soon as my butt hit the camp chair. Others had cramps and ultimate fatigue as we were finally able to celebrate being 30.1 miles and $93,000 closer to curing CF.

Back at the lodge about an hour and a half later we sat down to an amazing meal of smoked pork butt, cole slaw , corn melody, and some pecan and apple dessert that was out of this world. Again, all of it was homemade and again, I only managed to get a picture of the dessert. Whoops.


As you can imagine it was time to shower and get to bed shortly after this!


Quite possibly the most insightful day of the weekend we woke up for breakfast around eight, packed our cars, and headed to breakfast. With tummies full of the best french toast and bacon anyone has ever had we were corralled into the dining room to hand out trail awards and receive event patches.


The CFF staffer in charge of the event started off by giving Suzie (the whole reason the event began) a patch, from there we “pop corned” patches around the room telling everyone our connection to CF and what brought us to this hike. Story after story was shared.

Mothers losing children, triumph in spite of difficulties, the change of treatment and drug choice from thirty years ago to now, lemonade stands to raise money for a CF child so she could have a normal life, ER doctors hiking without a connection for the sense of humanity and compassion. Tears flowed freely and everyone felt the comrade that was experienced.

One of the fastest finishers stepped up to speak, she happens to be a CF mom and she said, “I’m not competitive, I’m desperate. This may not have been a race but curing CF is.”

That quote sums up the reason all of us ended up together, regardless of if we came to the Hike with a connection or made one along the way.

It was time to say our good byes and see you next times after breakfast. I loaded up and headed back home. Waiting for me was my husband and dog – what a welcome sight!

Next year, tentatively one day earlier, we will head out with the exact same mission as this weekend – make CF stand for Cure Found.


Wow. This weekend was amazing. There is nothing more fulfilling than doing what you love for a great cause. Regardless of if that means hiking thirty miles or donating your time for a cause you believe in (your children and grandchildren are causes too) get out there and make a difference in the world. It takes one person to change someone’s life.

I want to thank the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation – Gateway Chapter for allowing me the chance to hang out in the office all summer and meet some of the greatest families.

Thank you to the volunteers specifically for this weekend who spent literally all weekend being our support system but to everyone who volunteers.

Thank you to the Wilderness Lodge – fantastic experience, amazing food, super fun staff!

Thank you Team Tortoise from start to finish – could not have done it without each of you!

Thank you to my personal support team!! My husband, my parents, my family, and my friends. Y’all are the best!

Final thoughts:

If you would like to give I strongly encourage it. Almost ninety cents of every dollar goes directly research, the rest goes to make sure people are able to put on phenomenal fundraisers like this! My personal Hike page is here (as easy as click and submit!) and I would be honored by your support.

Again, thank you everyone who helped get me across the finish line!

And PLEASE, if you have a CF connection comment! I want to know who I hiked for yesterday! Questions are welcome as well 🙂

Packing for a Racecation

Welp, it’s finally that time!!! I am headed to Southern Missouri to hike 30.1 (Yes, just like that .2 is important to marathoners that .1 is important to me!) for cystic fibrosis and I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

This is my first hike weekend and I started to panic on Monday as to what I was going to forget so I 1) made a list and 2) put a box in the middle of the living room.


That box filled up quickly!

With what? Let me share!


Ok, ok so I may be overly prepared

What I gathered this morning before I left:

  • An old pair of tennis shoes
  • Flip flops
  • swim suit (there’s a pool and a lake!)
  • 2 sets of “regular” clothes
  • Phone charger
  • Watch charger
  • Deodorant
  • Vaseline
  • Smartwool socks
  • water bottle
  • 4 sports drinks
  • Another pair of running shorts


Do you think I have enough? Surely not…

Yes, I know I will only be gone three days but I don’t want to forget ANYTHING!

What actually got packed? This stuff:

  • 2 sets of “regular clothes
  • Compression shorts
  • two pairs of running shorts
  • one sports bra
  • swimsuit
  • blister pads
  • ENERGYbits
  • RoadID visor
  • Trail shoes
  • Old tennis shoes
  • Flip flops
  • Band-Aids
  • RoadID
  • FuelBelt
  • Deodorant
  • Vaseline
  • Chargers
  • Socks
  • Waterbottle
  • Sports drinks


Minus the doggy and his toy! He wanted to come but he has to stay home and keep the husband company!

Not pictured: undies, water shoes, and extra socks galore!

Did I forget anything? I’ll let you know Monday in the event recap!

Is there a racecation packing list you love? Something you always take with you?

Top Ten Movivators

Right now I have an amazing event I’m training for, well tapering right this second so I have lots and lots of love and motivation to go around! That’s not always the case though so I thought I’d put together some of my most favorite workout inspiration I’ve had! Let me know what you think!!

PS These are in no particular order!

10.  “Always remember that your workout is about you.”

Why I like it: You’re not sweating against someone else, exercise is about self improvement and as long as you’re doing the best you can do and continually pushing yourself to find limits you’re already winning! So many get bogged down looking at others progress when he or she has come so far personally!

Confession: I can still be found guilty of this on occasion.Improve You

9. How bad do you want it?

Why I like it: The first time I was listening to this I was distracted and of course didn’t get the full circle meaning. These days I like to zone everything else out and focus on everything he has to say.

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful” is a pretty powerful message. We  workout to look good, feel good, and do good or some version of that. It’s not easy, it’s actually really difficult but those are the times it means the most and when the breakthroughs happen.

Each one of us makes sacrifices for the lifestyle we’ve chosen (no matter your path). This video may be about making money on the surface but I think it’s pretty clear how easily it can be transferred to fitness!

Confession: This video is what made my journey click for me.

coupled with Part 2…”Anything is possible.”

8.  “If you still look cute…”

Why I like it: This one is a little unusual for me, normally I try to err on the side of being nice but this one really does it for me. If I look in the mirror and my face isn’t red and I can still breathe normally then I know I have not gone far enough.

This point and your signs may be different but you know what I mean. The best part of this movivator for me is that you can be the only one who pushes you past “cute.”

Confession:  I ask myself if I still look cute. Most days I go past that, some days, I stop there. Look Cute

7. “You just have to go.”

Why I like it: No, I didn’t mean for this to be a double entendre but it’s kinda funny that way too.

Seriously though! I wasn’t the fastest in the group when I started and I’m still not. somewhere between then and now I realize that it was ok, I may never be the fastest but the miles were miles and no one was judging me on how fast they were getting done. Quite the opposite, lots of cheers came!

Confession: Still not the fastest but just as happy coordinators supply port-a-pottys – who isn’t?!

Just Go

6. Strive for progress not perfection.”

Why I like it: This day and age every day people (you and me) are bombarded with media of all sorts that tell how to look, what to wear, where to go, and what to do. Nonsense. If you’re doing you’re own thing and making the world a better place whether or not it’s the “right” thing to do you’re doing just fine.

Let me hop off my soapbox…this quote epitome to workout – propel yourself into your version of success and (used lightly) perfection!

Confession: I’m already perfect – just kidding!!

Progress not Perfection

We’re halfway through!!! What’s everybody think so far? Huh, huh?

5. Impossible is a dare.

Why I like it: I need to be able to conquer whatever I put my mind to, not right this second, maybe not even by the end of the year but eventually I need to conquer the impossible. Often impossible comes with intimidation. “Ek, if HE couldn’t do it then who am I to try,” or “there’s no way I could ever do that.”

You don’t know what IS possible unless you try so go out there and shatter opinions!

Confession: I catch myself saying that things are impossible constantly, I love this as a reminder that impossible is a self imposed illusion!

Impossible is Nothing

4.  Keep going.

Why I like it: Results will come, you will see them sooner than your spouse, and he or she will see them sooner than everyone else – that’s ok! If you stop now no one will ever see your progress (look familiar(;) and you likely fee worse than you did. You can do this!

Confession: I have stopped so many times even before I saw changes, it’s not fun at first but it is so rewarding to watch your body love you back!

Keep Going

3. Let success make the noise.

Why I like it: It speaks for itself.

Confession: I can appreciate a humble strong fit person much more than a loud mouth.

2.  Nature

Why I like it: There is nothing like it. I run outside in every kind of weather because as hooky as it sounds nature breaths life into my runs and workouts in general. I love it – there’s nothing like it!

Confession: I didn’t always run outside. When I didn’t have the choice to get on a treadmill  is when I got addicted to running.

Farm Road

1. ME!

Why I like it: I have a whole list of reasons why I like me but most importantly I want to get into shape so that I can be up for anything life throws me. My bucket list is chalked full of adventures and I never want to be denied an opportunity because of my weight, size, or lack of athleticism.

I didn’t start out overweight or extremely nonathletic but I’m further than I was yesterday and will be further tomorrow than I was today. At the end of the day there’s no further looking I have to do than take a look at myself to truly be motivated again.

That can be the same for you. Why did you start this journey? Look at how far you’ve come and reevaluate your goals – that can make you proud by itself!

Confession: This is only the beginning!!


And DONE! Yay! My first set of movivators!

Looking for more movivation? Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Thinking about starting a Movivator Monday. What’d you guys think?

What are a few of your movivators? Whatever you gets you going!!