Marathon Monday: I Work Out

Merry Marathon Monday guys! I hope the holidays have treated you well and you’ve run right through them without an issue!!


Monday: Run 6 miles

Tuesday: Cross Train 40 mins, swim.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Run 3 miles

Friday: Cross Train 40 mins, bike.

Saturday: Run 8 miles

Sunday: Run 6 miles
I’m not really sure why the milage was so much higher than previous weeks but I enjoyed it. I am ready for

The rest of the week:


  • I won #VegRunChat‘s GladSoles giveaway last night and am so excited to start 2014 off right with a little experimenting with barefoot running! What are GladSoles?! 100% vegan barefoot running sandals.
  • Check out Ranger Relay’s Winter Training Giveaway! They have some awesome prizes!
  • I’m now an official part of the Run This Year team as an ambassador! RTY is “A free running community that challenges and inspires you to run as many miles as you can in one year! Run This Year is for anyone who strives to run all year and maybe even run the year in miles!” How cool is that? If you’re interested go ahead and sign up! I’ll be joining and cheering you guys on all along the way!
  • Confession: I have every intention of making these Deep Dish Carmel Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies! No they aren’t vegan but that’s a-ok by me. I may not eat them but those around me will certainly enjoy them!

Hope you guys have a great start to your week and keep an eye out on my Instagram for the delightful baked dessert!

Do you have plans on running 2014? Either 2,014 miles, kilometers, or setting your own goal?

Influenster: Jolly Vox Box

Disclaimer: All of the products in today’s post were provided through Influenster’s Vox Box program at no cost to me for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.influenster jolly vox box

I was grabbing this past week’s mail this morning and I was thrilled to find that my VoxBox arrived while I was out of town! I’ve been a part of Influenster (“a hub where members meet to learn about new products from our favorite brands as well as review the products they already use in their day-to-day lives!”) for less than a month and this is my first box – thanks Influenster!

Influenster Jolly Vox Box

As soon as I opened the box I was greeted by this very festive and adorable card, the back has a list and short description of all the item included in this month’s Box! I was excited when it included parts of why I love the holiday season so much – getting dressed up (make-up) and food. Ok, let’s face it, I was really, really glad to see the food!

Queso (the dog) had to get in on the action too:Influenster and Queso

As I unpacked he “helped” by pulling out the tissues and tape. Thanks Punkin.


Ok, ok. Here we go.
… Almost, five thing + the card were included in this box:

Influenster Jolly Vox Box Preview

Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong To Go Tissue Pack: I carry tissues when I’m out running because I sometime get a bloody nose (fun fact of the day ;)) so these are great! Besides that tissues are great to pack in your purse for every day too!!

Skinny Cow© Candy: Being vegan I choose not to consume milk so I pawned these off on my lucky husband. Other than being slightly too salty for him he liked them!

Ducklings™ Mini Rolls: Super cute for taping up boxes and gifts this season or some funky arts and crafts…maybe.

NYC New York Color HD Color Eye Shadow: I don’t wear eye makeup often but we’re going out tomorrow night so it will be the perfect time to try out the subtle look this trio will make!

Rimmel London NEW Show Off Lip Lacquer: I was so excited to see this gem in the box. ‘Aurora’ is the color I scored and again, I’ll be be rocking it out tomorrow night and my lips will be kissable!!

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was happily surprised! I scored a running item and some hubby (or hubba hubba) items, I can’t wait to try out everything!

Do you see anything in this box you’d like to try?

Life’s A Beach


Wow guys, wow! Part of me feels awful for leaving you to fend for yourselves this past week but with two deaths within the family and flying across the country a few times this week I figured you’d understand!!

Hopefully this week we will back to our regularly scheduled programming. PS it hardly feels like Christmas!
Better late than never, sorry to not have annoyed earlier but…
Without further ado allow me to introduce the winner of the giveaway – Deb H.!! Congrats!! I know you will consider regifting back to me 😉 Kidding, kidding, you should already have an email in your inbox explaining how to get all your awesome prizes!

Again – thank you sponsors!!

Well what have I been up to this past week?
Other than spending it inundated with family I’ve been running and cooking. My two other favorite things!!
My mother and I flew up to Oregon last Sunday and I am actually penning this post as we fly back to her house to spend Christmas together.

Here’s the Marathon Monday breakdown:

Sunday – Rest day/Travel Day. We were up and traveling for about 24 hours.
Monday – 2 miles after dark. Wanted to make it at least six but there were no street lamps and I could hardly see by the time I got back to the house.
Tuesday – 0.6 miles.
Wednesday – Upper body crossed training. I can really start to see a difference and I’m loving it!
Thursday –  3.5 beach and road miles.
Friday – Rest Day, I was on my feet all day at the celebration of life but nothing extra!
Saturday – Core cross training.
Sunday – I honestly don’t remember. Whoops.
Monday – Rest Day/Travel Day

Obligatory selfie:

road running

That’s all folks! Thanks for hanging in there!

This Vegan Travels: To Oregon

That’s right – I’m blogging on the West Coast this week which means I’ll be BEACH RUNNING, a luxury I only get every few years. So how did I get here?
On a plane! It took us (my mom and I about 24 hours to get to my grandmother’s Sunday. It made for a long day but many vegan lessons were learned!
This absolute insane dash for the North led me to believe that vegans have it easier but only if we know what to do! Here are my five favorite vegan plane-hacks:
5. Pack snacks
Just because you can’t bring more than 3.8 ounces of liquid on the plane doesn’t mean TSA prohibits good too! As a matter of fact you can bring just about everything on board! You can even pack your whole holiday dinner bar much gravy 😉
A few of my favorites include apples, avocados, cashews, and pretzels! Please do beware of potential allergies though, this happened to us on our last flight.
4. Don’t be afraid to modify menu items.
It isn’t always simple being vegan! At home though you can control where you go and if you’re lucky your favorite vegan place is close. It’s not always easy when you’re out though, I’ve been to several places where the number of vegan items on the menu is a big zero. Salads also can get old if you’re not careful and there’s no shame in asking the kitchen to modify a dish! There’s absolutely nothing vegan on the menu and you’re not interested in a salad? Almost everywhere has steamed veggies (nix the butter) and potato wedges/fries (plain). Sure, it’s not the most glamorous meal but it’s something!
3. Bring that bottle!
Water bottle that is!! Again, the TSA has liquid restrictions but you can always bring your empty water bottle and fill it once you get past security. The Atlanta airport even has bottle filling stations so you’re not doing that awkward dance with the water fountain! Thanks ATL!!
2. Think about taking an accommodations day.
The street name is “cheat day” but but I believe they can be the key oy success so I’ve ditched the negative connotation! Especially if you’re traveling for the holidays it might keep you (and your family) sane to indulge in something you typically choose not to eat.
1. Find a local grocer.
First check to make sure your host doesn’t mind that you use his or her space but once you get the green light feel free to buy a few necessities. I always make sure to have “butter”, almond or soy milk, oatmeal, and smoothie ingredients on hand. Thankfully I have accommodating hosts and hostesses just about everywhere I go! If you’re staying in a hotel it’s even easier – just stick everything in the mini fridge!!

Weekly find:
Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats
So good! My grandmother and I are a lot alike in many ways, one of which is breakfast! We both eat oatmeal every morning. Since I didn’t bring mine I tried her’s (Bob’s) and it’s better than mine so I think that’s what I’ll be putting my my cart when I get home!

Oh, and here’s the view from my workspace this week:


What are some of your favorite travel hacks?

Remember What Matters

Good evening lovlies! I am so sorry for being so very absent this week but I have noticed you guys have been coming around anyway! Thanks! If you haven’t go check out that rad giveaway that started Monday!

Today I really struggled with what I was going to write, I had a post ready but I’ve changed my mind for what’s being published so get to reading! 🙂

This afternoon my sweet mama called to let me know her father, my dear grandfather (Grandpop) passed away last night in his sleep. I was volunteering at the Foundation when she called so thankfully I was able to stay busy and keep my mind off of it until after “work”. I called my sister after “work” and we cried it out, it will be a relief to be with her soon.

Either way our loss has reminded me of just how important family is so here’s my Christmas list:

  • To spend it surrounded by family. We don’t ever do many gifts but we always spend it together, this year will probably in Oregon around the side of the family


Ok, so maybe that’s the only thing on my list but truthfully that’s all I need.

We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle, the Brown Thursday/Black Friday crazes, all the “Hallmark” aspects of the holiday season that we lost sight of what really counts and what truly matters.

Please go home, hug your kids/spouse/pet a little tighter and enjoy the holiday as close to home as possible.

A Giveaway Just In Time for the Holidays

A few weeks ago I tweeted out to a few of my most favorite communities to shout out which gear is their favorite.

An overwhelming number of responses came in and sponsors have rolled out the red carpet for my readers! PS THAT’S YOU!!

Per the holiday spirit I want to help stuff your stockings and put a new pair of shoes under the “fitness tree”! So get to entering and sharing!
Before I introduce the awesome sponsors though let me tell you that I am part of a bigger blogger giveaway pool (say that ten times fast 😉 ) and you guys have chances to win goodies from 30 blogs! How awesome is that?!


With that great news out I can introduce the super spectacular sponsors who are a part of my giveaway!
Disclaimer: All of the items were provided to me by amazing sponsors. I was not compensated for this post other than receiving prizes for you. Some items will ship from me, some directly from the sponsor. All opinions are my own.

Here’s my comprehensive review of them here.
A sample of ENERGYbits to boost your performance – they might even get you to your next PR!

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SKORA agreed to supply a pair of PHASE shoes!
Your size and gender specific shoe will be determined when you win!

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$50 worth of gift cards AND a pair of headphones!

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A $50 virtual gift card good for anything in the online store!

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12 Gluten-free protein bars!

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A hands-free running leash for your doggy! We have one for our pup and although he doesn’t run with me 90% of the time he loves it and it’s great for me too when we go check the mail or I have to pick up his, uh, “presents” his leash can’t get in the way!

Facebook      Website

EDIT: I’ve gotten a few people having difficulties figuring out how to enter – sorry. You can now get to it to two ways:

by clicking here
OR by clicking the graphic below

After you enter this giveaway you can THEN “click here” to check out other bloggers in the hop (which means more giveaways)!!

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 9.46.25 AM

Again thank you, thank you, thank you sponsors for making this giveaway possible!

PS There is no shame in following my blog via Bloglovin or email (right under the ‘About Me’ in the sidebar) or following me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. These are also the fastest ways for you to know when the next giveaway happens!

And, of course, thank YOU readers!

What will go under the tree for the runner/fitness buff in your life?

Finally Friday: Five Up

Happy, happy Friday! I am loving this week 🙂 I hope you are too!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for my thoughts on the products in this post, all are my own, and neither shops know I’m including them.

5. Surprise Thanksgiving

This cracks me up every. single. time. Enjoy!

4. The best turkey spin off I’ve seen:

We love our little one and just had to share this with you guys!! PS No, this is not ours!

3. Hands-free (running) leash.

il_570xN.508911938_p0gjYou’ll see more of this gem next week BUT it’s fantastic! Aforementioned Chihuahua LOVES his. We just got it tonight but he’s already in love with it and so am I! If you are even thinking about running with your dog I do highly recommend ordering one. Right now you can even get one for 50% off just for being one of the first to order! Click to head over to go over to Run Blue Doggy’s Etsy shop!

2.This quote

“It is easier to do a job right than explain why you didn’t.” Martin Van Buren
1. Road ID Wrist ID Slim


This is my second Road ID and I am digging it. I wear this one every day, I have several bands to switch out the colors if I want and it fits perfectly underneath my watch.

The rest of the week:

  • I was featured in Running with Rhyno’s ‘I am a Runner’ community – you can check that out, learn more about yours truly, and check her out here!
  • I am NOT liking the snow. It’s so stinking pretty however so stinking cold!!

That’s all today!! What was your favorite thing about this week?!