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I’m feeling ultra balanced today so excitingly enough I am centering today’s post – oh yeah, I got crazy with it!! Today was also my first day back to class (college student) and although slightly on the chilly side I am loving it!! Regardless, happy Monday and enjoy getting to know me a little better!!

Last week I was nominated by Bree at Running Breezy who I am so thankful to have as a friend in real life, a fellow blogger in this sphere, and always an Godly inspiration. I am blessed.

Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award

Favorite color?

White. It’s simple and is the perfect base for everything.

Favorite animal?

Elephant. How precious is this baby?

Favorite non-alcoholic drink?

Water. Agua. H2O.

Facebook or Twitter?

Twitter! Ask me a year ago and I would have certainly said Facebook but since joining Twitter I’ve loved it and have found that perfect niche! It’s crazy how social media can catapult anything!!

Favorite pattern?

Chevron. Duh!! It’s cheery and pretty and leaves lots of white space!!

What is your passion?

The Deaf community. I’m going to school (right now) for a Nonprofit Administration BA with emphasis in Early Childhood Education so I can get into a Deaf Communications/Education MS/MA with the eventual hopes of aiding the transitioning Deaf families and children into the hearing world.




1. Post the logo on your blog

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3. Answer the questions

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I’m nominating each of you to answer at least one question!!

5. Post the links to the nominee’s blogs and notify them on their blog

Have a fabulous week!!

Let me get to know you by leaving a comment telling me one of your favorites!!

The Hostess with the Mostess



Seriously, Thank God I’m Fabulous It’s Friday!! Eerr, or it was and now it’s Saturday!!# TGIWFANIS? Thank God It Was Friday and Now It’s Saturday? I see a trending hashtag in the future!!

Intermission Confession: I was volunteering yesterday sooo this post was postponed…ha, see what I did there?


Rumors have it I’ll be hosting chats this week! That’s right multiple and I’m here to tell you it’s legit!!


First up I’ll be hosting #VegRunChat tomorrow night (Sunday) 9 PM EST! This community has been so good to me, I have met some pretty awesome people, have turned this “sometimes vegan” thing into a full-time gig, and am continually learning what being a vegan athlete really means! Totally rad

This week’s topic is Recipes, Recipes, RECIPES and we’ll be chatting with you guys about what fuels you, where you get your ideas, and answer any questions you guys might have about this week’s sponsor,  Achiva Native Energy.

Your quick guide to Achiva is right here though: they keep their energy products all natural with 8 or fewer ingredients which means only the things you need are fueling you. They use soluble fiber (fiber that attracts water and turns to gel during digestion which slows the process)  to keep your energy levels up and sustained throughout your workout – au naturale! Sweet!! They sell bake mixes, drink mixes, and energy chews so you have the luxury of getting your energy any way you want it!

Achiva has also supplied us with 3, that’s THREE, prizes to give away! Three Chia Seed & Dehydrated Coconut Water Drink Mixes (flavors may vary) are up for grabs. Check out VegRunChat’s blog to enter!

Follow me, Brandon, and VegRunChat on Twitter to stay up on all the beets!!


I’ll also be hosting the #poweredbybits chat this/next week! Come hangout with me Tuesday 9PM EST to answer Can Health and Convenience Go Together? We’ll be chatting about your favorite health hacks and how to make nutritional decisions in a pinch!

ENERGYbits sponsors this chat every week as ambassadors host to chat all about how to keep our lives fabulous and fit!

It’s also true that if you use thesaltypretzel at checkout you’ll get 30% off any order of any bits!! What, what?! How awesome is that! You can always use thesaltypretzel but between now and February 21, 2014 you’ll also receive a free gift when you purchase when you have a bag of RECOVERYbits in your cart! Whoo hoo!


I hope you all get to join me in at least one these chats and have a fantastic week!!

What’s your favorite health hack?

Marathon Monday: Beginning to Tri

This past week marked the first REAL week of triathlon conditioning/training. It’s different because I actually had workouts on the schedule and Coach nagging (more like guiding) me.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Aerobic Circuit Scheduled: 30 mins, Actual: 27:30 because I skipped the thirty second breaks in between…I don’t feel bad about it either!!

Thursday – Swim 1400. It was inefficient and less than pretty but it got done!

Friday – Weights, Lower body and core; Scheduled: minimum 30 mins, Actual: 1 hour. Wonderful, I love weights 🙂

Saturday – Run, steady heart rate for 45 mins. Bleh. I think this is the first time I wasn’t just in love with a run and I’m not sure why. I felt fine physically, it must have been a mental thing.

Sunday – Rest

Phew. It was busy and felt great but crazy all the same!

Meme me:

How I felt back in the pool!

How I really felt back in the pool!

How is your training going? Are we tapering? Resting? Really excited about it?! Tell me!

Friday Favorites: The Virtual Vegan

Keeping it short and sweet today, happy Friday!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any company in this post nor do they know I am blogging about them. I did this of my own free will  – or maybe they made me say that! 😉

3.Vegan Cuts. An in-depth resource for new and seasoned vegans alike. They also have snack and beauty boxes you can order that highlight vegan products. I recently bought a vegan “starter kit” that was chalked full of recipes, meal pans, and “hacks” – a fabulous deal!!

2.Is It Vegan? You never have to really ask again because THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT. Muwahaha. I couldn’t resist! I was puttering in the App Store earlier this week and found the ‘Is It Vegan?’ app. Since then I have scanned everything in the pantry! You scan the food barcode then it does it’s teachy mctech thing, analyzes the ingredients, and spits out whether

1. #VegRunChat. It’s true, this is more of an interactive approach to being V, this lovely Twitter chat started mid 2013 and has flourished ever since. You can find every stage of vegan in the forum from curious to complete! As a matter of fact I’m a part of the chat every Sunday 9pm EST! No formal invitation required just come on! If you just want to lurk for a few weeks feel free but we look forward to having you!

Bonus – possibly my absolute favorite vegan meme ever:


These are my three must-haves, what are yours?!

PS They don’t have to be vegan – those will just get you veggie points!

An All New Year: Goals for 2014


Wow, I can hardly believe it! It’s already halfway through the first month of 2014! Can you guys believe that?! Moreover I haven’t set my goals yet and certainly haven’t gotten the chance to share them with you!

I don’t typically do resolutions but I do set goals across the board and here I get to share the big ones with you!

First though, let me apologize for being away! I haven’t had access to wifi for the past two weeks so the blog’s looking pretty bare! I hope you have had an amazing start to the new year and are ready to reach new heights in every aspect of your life!!


  • Continue this “vegan thing.”
  • Learn a touch of nutrition. My husband knows a lot more and is extremely helpful but it’s going to be nice to put together my own meal plans!


  • First half marathon. (Little Rock Marathon; March 2, 2014.)
  • First marathon. (Go! Saint Louis; April 4, 2014.)
  • Second charity 50k. (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Xtreme Hike; September 14, 2014.)


Incorporate more vegan, foodie posts.

Social Media:

  • Build a Facebook page
  • Get on Google+
  • Potential  start a YouTube channel
  • Continue and grow Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram (shameless plug to follow if you don’t already 😉 )
  • Connect with more bloggers and readers, I feel like I’ve done an adequate job but I’ve ready to turbo charge it!!
  • Connect with more of a local market. I’ve adored everyone I’ve met so far!


  • Buying a house later this year
  • Focus on school and finding what I really want to do with the rest of my life.
  • Decide wether or not to nanny this summer. It’s a scary thought putting kiddos lives in my hands.
  •  Get to Africa.

I suppose that’s all for now! I know 2014 will be an amazing year and I will grow tremendously, I can hardly wait to see what it brings all of us – not just me!

What are three of your 2014 goals??

Run This Year: 2014

Good morning, good morning, good morning!! I recently mentioned I was selected to be a part of the Run This Year (RTY) Team and I am so jazzed to be a hub of encouragement!

Run This Year 2014 Team

Let’s start off with what RTY is all about: YOU! We’re here to empower you through your challenges and goals, no matter what they may be! There’s no “one size fits all” in 2014, RTY is custom tailored to you and your aspirations. Possibly the two most often thought of options are the run this year in kilometers – 2,014 km – and run this year in miles – 2,014 miles. What awesomely daunting tasks! Don’t fret if you’re not quite ready to tackle that mountain though there’s a third option that’s just right (think Baby Bear’s porridge) for you too! Run Your Own Year where you make your own goal! It can be to run your first marathon, run your first 5k, or anything you can dream.

As a matter of fact that’s my option! I’ll be swimming, biking, and running my way to 2,014 miles!! This year I’ll also be tackling my first half and full marathons as well as my second 50k; let’s not mention training for Ironman in 2015 :O. I’m not sure what my totals came out to last year (I wasn’t the best tracker) but I can hardly wait to watch this year’s mileage soar!

Along with my own goal though I am ecstatic to share in your journey and hopefully mutually get each other off our butts to get to it!

I'm closer than I was yesterday

Now as thrilled as I am to have you guys pumped and ready to begin (as I know you are) make sure to challenge yourself within your limits. Yes, I’m playing mom real quick! Injuries are something athletes and especially runners deal with sometimes more often than not so we’re well aware of what training does to our bodies but do keep in mind that without your body you won’t be able to reach your goal! I am, by no means, a physician or medical professional so this does not warrant as medical advise however the few medical statements I do feel comfortable making are get enough sleep and stay hydrated. This will vary from person to person but is vital for everyone! Know your body and live by it.

SO, let me be jazzed for you and us keep each other accountable!

What’s your Run This Year goal?