Friday FitCounts

Happy Friday Y’all! I hope everyone is loving the weather (I know I am 🙂 )!

Who doesn’t love discounts? Here’s a list of them compiled – go spoil yourselves!!

nuun discount

20% off Nuun with “rangarrelay”

jaybird discount

25% off Jaybird with “TRAIL23”

procompression discount

40% off Pro Compression with “RAG”

Bondi Band discount

20% off Bondi Bands with “2ORANARIAN”

Nite Ize discount

20% off Nite Ize with “RANGAR14QR”

enerybits discount


gladsoles discount

20% off Gladsoles with “GOBAREFOOT”

Enjoy your weekend! What will you be doing this weekend?!


3 thoughts on “Friday FitCounts

  1. Energybits are amazing! The only thing holding me back is the price…AND shipping.

    Also, do you tend to shop online a lot?

    • I love my bits! They are certainly pricy but have been such a wonderful addition (for me). If you’re not ready to purchase a full bag but would like to try it we can absolutely figure out a middle ground too. Feel free to email me if you are interested in that 🙂

      I do a majority of shopping online, especially if I know how a brand or item fits. Unless I happen to see something on a killer sale in the store (clearance) I prefer online!

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