My Fit ABC’s

Good morning!! How are you this morning? I am fabulous and I hope you are too! I have been searching through early elementary lesson plans that teach the ABCs and thought it would be a fun spin for a blog post. Kiddos learn best with material presented to them in multiple formats and word associations (as do I). I got thinking how so many of the rules runners live by are silent but understood, here are a few (26) I pulled together!

my fit abc's


A – give your ALL; You can do it. I know you can!

B – BREATHE; Literally and figuratively. You’re going to be ok but breathing on the run looks easier than it is. Figure out what works for you and use  it to your advantage! Check out this post on Runner’s World if you’re interested in the advantages.

challenge yourself be better #myfitabcs
C – CHALLENGE yourself; through challenge you grow, you change, and you become even more awesome than you already are!

D – DETERMINATION; It’s going to get crazy (if it hasn’t already) and some days you may hate but if you have the determination to make it to your goal you have the determination to do anything.

E – EAT; Veggies, dairy, meat, whatever it takes to keep you going. Make sure you’re doing you and don’t let anyone let you feel like you have to explain why you do or don’t eat XYZ.

F – FORGIVE; You are not perfect and that is ok. Not all of your runs, bikes, workouts are going to be exactly what you think they should be. Again, that’s ok. We all have great days and have really bad ones. That doesn’t always reflect on you.

Go #myfitabcs
G – GIVE back; You’re a runner, you’re a part of an exclusive community who loves you from day one. You need them and they need you. Stay at the finish line until the end and support those people who have made the cut off, as well as though who haven’t but have grown tremendously. Cori from Olive to Run has a great explanation – see #8 specifically and at the Boston Marathon the compassion was obvious, 2013 and then again as four runners banded together in 2014. We are a part of something amazing and our supports are just as incredible.

H – HILLS; They suck, they really really suck…until they’re fun!

I – listen to your INTUITION; whether it’s a potential injury or it’s so hot outside

J – JOY. Always remember running (or whatever your fit choice) is a privilege. We don’t have to run, we get to run. Enjoy it!

your body never lies Kinesiology #myfitabcs


K – KINESIOLOGY; Wht’s that? It’s the study of a body in motion! Remember to keep your shoulders back, breathe, keep moving, all the things your check during your run typically have to do with your body and your body never lies – make listening to it a thing of habit.

L – LIFT; I never thought I would like to lift or that I would ever see “real” results. I was so wrong (and pretty blind)! I am stronger, faster, and overall better; I’ve heard so many other stories where lifting has enhanced their everyday lives – 3 to 5 pounds three times a week makes a big difference.

M – MOVE; No matter how slow you go just keep moving.

N – be NICE; This goes for everyone. You are no better than the guy in the lifting belt, the women on the treadmill, or the person with a few more pounds nor is the person with a faster PR or a “better” looking body than you any better. We all start somewhere and we all have worked to get to where we are. Also – shoot your snot rocket the opposite way of your fellow runner 😉

O – be OPEN; We have our own tried and true way of doing XYZ and they don’t all look the same but everyone (me included) can learn from everyone else and it’s an amazing thing that a majority of the fitness world is so accessible and up for learning more all the time.

FailtoPreparePreparetoFail #myfitabcs
P – PLAN; Wether it’s planning workouts or meals there is no substitute. Sure, some things don’t work out but that’s we go with the flow!

Q – QUESTION; It’s ok not to know. Most runners are the nicest people you’ll ever meet and legitimately we will talk about anything so ask away – please!!

R – REST and RECOVER; It’s part of training. It’s not always easy, especially if you feel great on a rest day but I think it’s the most crucial part of training.

StartingLine FinishLine #myfitabcs
S – START; It took me a year a start this blog and 20 years to start running. Yeah, it’s scary, no matter what your goals is but “unless you start you can never cross the finish line.

T – TRUST your training; Eventually you will get to that start line or see a long run or just decide to run further than ever and as scared or worried as you’ll be it’ll be ok and you can do it.

U – UNRESTRICTED; Go on – be your awesome, free self – express yourself just as you are. You want to wear purple polka dot knee highs with your short athletic shorts and your Def Leppard shirt? No problem! We still love you!! You like to swim in a bright pink cap or sport a 26.2 sticker on your car? We’ve got your back too!

Variety #myfitabcs

V – VARY; Swim, bike, run, lift, play. Do whatever you love! Whatever gets you out and active, you’ll want to do it more and more! Awesome, huh?

W – WATER; Drink it! Before you run, during, and after. It helps 😉

X – Avoid XERORIPSIS; or “dry friction” aka chafing. It hurts!! Vaseline or Body Glide and bandaids, whatever it takes – avoid at all costs! Can I get an amen?!

Y – YOGA; Ohm. It’s actually how I really got started in this journey and what continues to help me slow down and realize the important this in life. PS it’s not just for chicks!

Z – ZZZ; i.e. Sleep. This goes with rest and recovery. There is nothing like sleep to make training easier and more effective.

There you guys guys! Thank you so much! I hope you guys loved it and will participate on Twitter and Instagram, or even write your own (that’d be cool)!

What’d I miss? Any truisms you’d add?
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12 thoughts on “My Fit ABC’s

  1. Great list! My top pick would probably be ZZZs. I’m all about the sleep lol. My friends make fun of me because I say I NEED min. 8 hours of sleep a night, they don’t know how I do it. PS – stopping by from our fitness media in motion group 🙂

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