Search It

You searched what?

Happy Monday! IĀ needed a laugh this morning. Hopefully you guys do too!

Some of you may know Analytics show the blogger how you get to our site (sometimes, don’t freak out). I went into the search options and could not stop laughing. Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy šŸ˜‰

The one that started it all:


Searched: 1. This past week. Thank you random reader, thanks. I hope you found what you were searching. Probably not here, but somewhere

keep it bahhh sam

Searched: 3. Dates unknown. Three times?! You had search THREE times to figure out I am not the sheep (I am kind of sorry about that). Regular readers: get ready to beĀ inundated with sheep pictures.

interesting baby pictures

Searched: 1. Yeah, I think I’m interesting and I hope you did too. And subscribed. That would be awesome. If you’re reading this give yourself a shout out and tell me you’re interesting too!

dead turkey

Searched: 1. Ok, I really appreciate it; I really do, you wanted to findĀ Thanksgiving dishes, I get it and I am so glad you stopped by but I think you missed the mark. I have vegan Thanksgiving main dishes and beyond for you though? Yay? Oops…

And yes, I know putting this on the internet increasesĀ the chance for people finding me by these search terms. That’s fine, I’ll just revel in it some more!!

Bloggers: What’s the weirdest thing you guys have in your ‘search terms’?

Readers: How’d you get here?