You Want Me To What?

The giving of love

I’d like to think of myself as a go-getter. Really. I typically take every opportunity that comes my way and utilize it to the full extent but when my cousin came to me last fall I did one of these:


Just like that really, I was even dressed as The Captain…maybe.

She had asked me to come nanny for her this summer, at first it was an immediate no. As the months went by (and the baby bump was getting cuter) she kept pestering asking me if I was going to come “hang out” this summer. Sure babies are cute and eventually it will probably be nice to have one BUT by no means am I anyone else’s first pick in the nanny department and yet I was hers. It was sweet but I still wasn’t sold.

I did tell her in January I would test drive the kids for a week when I got out of school and if all went well, well, we’d see. AND THEN Baby J was born, I was sent a picture, and…I kinda said yes immediately. Oops. They were just too cute to resist.

Courtesy of Courtney Yarberry Photography

See what I mean? How could you resist these two?

So for the next three months I will be changing diapers, experimenting with toddler entertainment, cherishing every moment, and, of course, blogging all about it. The blog may change a little. I may start talking more children, staying fit with kids, and everything else these two bring.

I am excited but I am also just as frightened as I was the first day she asked (refer to .gif above 😉 ). Let’s just say I’m going to wing it (isn’t that what parents want to hear?) and I know it’ll be ok!

My favorite advice to date has been “Well, as long as they’re both alive and in one piece by the end of summer I’d say you’ve succeeded.” Thanks. Needless to say I’m sure I’ll outperform on the minimum standards and, who knows, by the time August rolls around I may not want to leave. Yes that was a threat!

One more baby picture…


Do you guys have any baby advice? Nanny advice maybe? Feel free to tell me how cute they are!