11 Ways Personal Blogs are like Nonprofits

GOOOD MORNING! It’s Friday and beautiful here in the South. I’m personally loving the sun and the 70/80 degree weather. Prayers are still going out to those affected by the wildfires.

501(c)(3)s are the organizations we all think of when the vocabulary of philanthropy, giving, charities, service organizations, nongovernmental, and nonprofits come up in conversation. You get a tax break thanks to this section of the third sector. The classification encompasses millions of community minded shops in the US and often bring to mind dedicated individuals who spend their time tending to the sickest, the most underprivileged, and disadvantage. As it turns out running a 501(c)(3) organization isn’t too far of a stretch. The term nonprofit is subbed for 501(c)(3).

11. We come in all shapes and sizes.

Personal bloggers and nonprofits alike cover a plethora of needs and communities. Fashion bloggers, mommy bloggers, fitness bloggers, health nonprofits, immediate need nonprofits, etc. We all have our niches and every blog or nonprofit adds value to the community! Kumbaya and stay awhile!


10. We work weekends.

Oh yeah, you know what I’m talking about, whether it’s taking pictures, scheduling social media, or finishing your posts you work on the weekends. So do nonprofit staff – Saturday events don’t happen all by themselves!


9. We bicker over what we’re called.

Is a 501(c)(3) a charity, a nonprofit, NGO, NPO? What is it? As a personal blogger what are we? Writers, influencers, journalists, everyday people? No matter what term you use you won’t be 100% politically correct ever – use the least offensive term out there. Good luck with that 😉


8. Without our communities we couldn’t do what we do.

Personal bloggers draw from the community around them, so do nonprofits. Community engagement and experience for bloggers to have material and posts; nonprofits rely on community to have a need and to be able to meet that need.


7. Content is king.

If you write well or do good work in the community people are more likely going to be ok overlooking the less than perfect site design or the less than stellar location you rent. Do good, be good. <- life lesson right there.


6. We are community minded.

Where it is obvious nonprofit organizations are community personal blogs are probably a little bit more murky. Why are personal blogs here though? To further XYZ usually, I want to spread the word that a healthy lifestyle means you can also enjoy your cake and exercise doesn’t always have to make you miserable.


5. You always have to ask yourself “does this opportunity align with my mission?”

Emails come in asking to review all sorts of things and the more you have to offer a brand the more those kinds of requests come in. I know the first question I ask is “will my readers respond,” and the second is “does XYZ align with where I’m trying to take my blog?” Those in mind I often turn down opportunities that don’t answer YES to both questions. If a nonprofit has to search for a way a $1,000,000 grant fits into it’s mission or redo it’s mission or board to fit that nonprofit will have created “mission drift” which is often fatal to the organization (and to bloggers).


4. Our marketing isn’t always what it could be (and we don’t typically have a marketing department).

Large, national nonprofits have marketing firms or departments but it’s pretty unlikely to have one staff member entirely devoted to marketing, especially when one staff member can fulfill it well enough. It’s not perfect but in order to make the most of donations you run a lean ship. More often than not blogs run the same way, more out of necessity though – the blogger is a great one man or woman show!


3. Success is almost inevitable when you’re passionate.

Take a look at the March of Dimes, they cured polio; or the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, they have more than doubled the life expectancy of patients with CF in the last twenty years. Personal blogger have built their influence and their brand so much that even outside of the niche community they’re respected.


2. Just like the corporate world nonprofits and personal blogs fail at 50% in the first year.

It’s true, no one can seemingly escape the 50/50 rule of success (or failure) but it’s an awesome feeling for when you do and when you keep trucking on for 5-10 years without an intention of stopping. To longevity!!


  1. We know how to tell a story.

Successful nonprofit use to raise funds, personal bloggers use it to raise readers and we both use stories to keep the community informed.


That wraps it up for today! I hope you guys have an amazing weekend and tell me all about it Monday! For now go on and have a little fun with this fill in the blank:

Blogging is like ____________.

2 thoughts on “11 Ways Personal Blogs are like Nonprofits

  1. Great analysis and you’re so right! We are passionate about what we do and I truly love blogging. Despite always being on social media (My bf makes fun of me for this), it is something I love doing. Also love the point about opportunities aligning with your mission – as I am growing my blog and trying to monetize, this is something I need to constantly keep in mind.

    • My husband makes fun of me for always being on SM, but you’re right – I love it too! Sometimes mission is hard to clarify but I’m sure you do a great job!

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