Friday Favorites #9837

favorites, happify, muller, my baby is organic, water wipes, national running day

Ok so 9837 is an arbitrary number BUT the concept is all the same.


5. Water Wipes. This sweet little Irish company makes wet wipes that are 99.99% water with 0.01% fruit extract. Mommy is happy, baby is happy and all healthy! I really like these for gym use too, you can use them to wipe off equipment (am I the “weird” one?) or sweat off your face. They have both baby and facial wipes for all!

my baby is organic

4. My Baby is Organic. Yes, there’s a cute little baby theme this week! My Baby is a fabulous resource with everything from prenatal care for mommy to sippy cups and pacies for baby (and food). All natural and mostly organic, not to mention if they don’t have it they will help you get it!! <- I know from experience!

I run...

3. National Running Day (June 4). Of course you knew this was coming! I loved seeing how everyone celebrating and the enthusiasm the Community continues to bring to the table!


2. Happify. Have you heard about it? It’s similar to Luminosity but better! The specific description reads as follows:”Boost your happiness and feel better about your life: Developed with leading scientists, Happify empowers you to live a happier, more fulfilling life through a set of personalized activities based on research from psychologists and neuroscientists.”

muller greek corner

1. Muller Greek Corner. It’s not vegan but it sure it good! I hated greek yogurt before Muller, it’s quite the love affair now! 😉

PS These brands have not compensated me – I just love them!

What is one of your favorite things this week?!

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