Just Say YES!

Just Say Yes

Good morning, good morning, good morning!

I learned yet another life lesson this past week. Being in my twenties it’s no real surprise, I really learn these babies everyday!

The lesson? Even the things that are guaranteed…aren’t. As disappointing as this may be it makes room for more YESES and I LOVE yeses! So, here’s what’s up:

This morning I’m posting from Saint Louis, again. I nannied for about five days then we decided to go our separate ways for unforeseen reasons. All ended amicably but it’s still a tad bittersweet.

What it means:

  • I will not be nannying. Duh.
  • No more cute baby pictures for you guys. I can hear the collective disappointment now. No worries though, I’ll slip in adorable pictures when I can. Like right now!

Instead of moping or being salty about it (which wouldn’t do my any good anyway) I will be saying yes to whatever comes my way. I know there’s a plan and everything happens for a reason so there is absolutely comfort to be taken it that! Here are a few guaranteed YESES:

  • Being back in Saint Louis.
Go Cards!

Go Cards!

  • More focus at the gym and on the track. I have a 50k in September that I will be PRing and you can never start too early on an Ironman!
  • Exploring the gyms and studios around STL! From barre to rock climbing – if you have a place you love or want me to check out let me know! 😉
  • House hunting!! Yesssss we’re buying a house! Yayyyy!! And of course you’ll hear all about it!
House Hunting

I mean, if you insist 😉

  • Compiling vegan recipes for us! No, I’m still not 100% vegan but yes, we’re eating more consciously!
  • Exploring farmer’s markets! STL is the sweet spot for just those – I cannot wait!

Although I’m going to miss the kids and they would have been so much fun, every “bad” has it’s good and I am going to take full advantage of the next few months! Happy Wednesday y’all – have a good one!

What are you saying YES to this week? Coffee maybe? 😉

14 thoughts on “Just Say YES!

  1. What a great attitude to have! Looks like you have exciting things planned, even if they don’t include cute baby pics.

  2. I love the concept of adding more yeses! I had to think about this one. So, I’ll go simple. Tonight, I’ll say yes to a glass of wine with my fiance on the patio…that sounds awesome.

  3. I just read a post that another blogger added to pinterest…. ‘if you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello’. 🙂
    Good luck with the house hunting.

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