I Enjoy Long Romantic Walks to the Fridge

House hunting just got real guys. Well, about 30 hours ago.

Yesterday morning I met our Realtor to view a house we thought was The One. Cutting to the chase – it was not. The location, location, location was perfect and true charm oozed from every plaster wall and authentic stained glass window however there was one major hiccup – there was no refrigerator. Not that there just wasn’t one but there literally was no place for one, of any size! We might have been able to stick a mini in a spare room but really I can’t handle going back to the dark ages! We’re not mini sized adults capable of living out of our college size fridge anymore!! Can I get an amen?

After all…

walks to the fridge

And I want that fridge to be a real paradise!

It got me thinking though what is that we really want? Since this isn’t just a me decision I brought in the MR. and let me tell you we very quickly decided we had to have a fridge so let’s call that numbero uno!!

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen and absolutely loving it! As we all have heard health starts in the kitchen with what you put in your body. Before you can ever HIIT, fartlek, or lift you have to eat! Appliances are meant to aid that, right?! They are here to make that healthy life more attainable and far more realistic. Before refrigeration was the new wheel people actually had to go out to dinner. I know what you’re thinking…we do that now. Our ancestors actually had to go to dinner…and catch it. They preserved through smoking, drying, and salting. Doom, doom, doom. Hunters and gathers meet refrigeration and welcome to a life on your bum. I digress. Are you you used to it yet?!

Onto the dream appliance list:

1. A fridge! Really though, I thought this was a brainer but yesterday showed me not so much. Now it doesn’t have to be a “fully integrated, oh my goodness I didn’t even know was there” fridge but one that has ample room for greens, sweet tea jugs, and an occasional bucket of ice cream would be nice. Referring to the fridge below – let me know what you think of the freezer on the bottom (vs top), I’m kinda digging it!
Yes guys, that’s all we buy 😉 I guess I better specify – it needs a freezer so the ice cream doesn’t melt <- key to happiness.

dream fridge

Let’s chat if you’re fridge really looks like this!

2. Did someone call for a six burner stove top? What, what? Yeah, in my dreams I cook on a Viking and burn everything because my stove is way less accurate! Ha, no need to mention the price tag – they’re an “ultra luxury” brand and come with faintifiable price tags. Let’s remind ourselves – wants and needs and dreams are, in this case, three very different things. I’ll keep dreaming! The drool worthy double ovens make it a septi-whammy!!


3. A Ninja. Now this is one we already have but now that we do have one I could never imagine leaving it behind and I know the Mr. agrees. We make everything from hummus to smoothies in this baby and it will always have a place in our kitchen!

Lucky for me these are just dream inducing – otherwise I’d be “bothered” to choose the color. Oh, the horror!!

Let me know – what’s the must-have appliance in your kitchen?

5 thoughts on “I Enjoy Long Romantic Walks to the Fridge

  1. Romantic walks to the fridge indeed LOL
    I read an article recently about a family who has no fridge. They survive – clearly – but I think they do all their ice cream eating asap haha

  2. ah, all these are all my must-have appliances too! i have a vitamix that i LOVE, but my parents have a ninja and it is pretty awesome too. i would also love a cool outdoor grill. and maybe a kitchen-aid mixer. 🙂

  3. I must have a dishwasher. Doing dishes is the most dreaded chore at my house. I didn’t have a dishwasher in college and vowed that I would NEVER live anywhere that didn’t have one again.

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