I DO Monday: Our Anniversary

Fair warning: This has nothing to do with food or exercise :D.

Today two years ago I married my best friend. It was at least 102 in the shade and I thought we were all going to melt but somehow we survived. Now, we’ve survived the last two years together too.

When he proposed he was a few months from graduating with his Master’s, didn’t have a job, and didn’t know where he was going to get one. Long story short: I panicked, said yes, and all was well.

May 5th he graduated, May 30th he had a job, June 30th we said I do, June 1st we moved 300 miles north to Saint Louis, and June 2nd he started his new job. Oh, and his first paycheck came 30 days later. Those few months answered the common “Is love enough” questions.

Life since has been easier but it’s the hard times that make us more thankful.

Here are a few of our favorite snapshots of our big day:

We are about to buy our first home and we’re doing it together, we still have our health, and get on the other’s nerves constantly 😉 – I count my blessings every day.

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!

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