What The Dog Eats

Don’t let this mug shot fool you:

Queso the Chihuahua

This 10 pound, once perfect dog is a jerk. Yes, this is a dog shaming post.

Meet Queso. Queso is a 2 year old Chihuahua. He is overweight and his knees pop of joint sometimes however we used to love him all the same.

Now when I got up yesterday and went out on my run leaving the dog to his devices I had no idea. No idea I’d come back to a house that was not the same. He first chewed through his first gate (that he had had since Summer 2012) and then through chewed the SECOND gate we got him in a matter of hours. D@!* dog!! I come home and he’s in our bed, no big deal.

It’s a much bigger deal when I realize cutie patootie up there had pulled the pizza box off the table, chewed through (notice a theme yet?), and ate not just one but TWO pieces of Meat Lovers pizza.



This has gotten out of control. I’m taking a stand. He’s ten pounds, I weight way more than that and I’m human. He’s not. While we’ve already taken the measure of barricading him into the kitchen when we’re gone.

My theories of what happened:

  1. He’s going through his terrible two’s.
  2. He’s just starting to develop his personality.
  3. He’s really a jerk. See #2.

My personal favorite #3 but that’s just me.

Oh, anyone who is worried about his sodium and dairy levels – he seems to just fine. It was really hot outside yesterday but he kept himself hydrated and didn’t have issues! He actually crawled up in my lap for a few hours afterward as if that was enough for me to love him again.

Spoiler: I never stopped.

What do you guys think? Anyone else have a horrible dog (or kid or spouse) story to share?

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