More Paleo Fun

Good morning!! I hope you guys had a wonderful week and are getting to enjoy the sunshine!

Saturday my husband came home mid-afternoon and rested. Thrilling 😉 Sunday we went out with our Realtor and checked out potential homes. We found three that we adored but haven’t written a contract…yet. We’re waited for a few final details to fall together and we look forward to writing one soon!

Here are a few more vegan paleo recipes I hope you’ll enjoy!Sunflower Chocolate Paleo Smoothie

Another fun fact about me:

In high school I was in FFA. I was on the Poultry Team and showed goats. We learned the ins and outs of the poultry industry, graded chickens and eggs, and a were transformed into great leaders in the process!!

I also was on the Opening and Closing Ceremonies team (public speaking) and held a few officer positions. Most of these pictures are circa 09-10. It feels so long ago!!

From left to right: Kissing the Indianapolis finish line for good luck, the last goat I ever showed, and a just a great shot of those classic blue jackets!

Throw Me Back: What’s one of your favorite memories from “the old days”?

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