Forth of July: Homegrown

Good morning!! I hope everyone had a stellar fourth and you were able to celebrate the true meaning! Here’s to another year America – let’s toast! Although I could go on and on about how thankful I am to bleed red, white, and blue I actually didn’t celebrate. What?! This may sound crazy but Friday night I went upstairs about six to do a few things and ended up falling asleep! Not only did I fall asleep super early but I didn’t get up until about eight the next day (eight = sleeping in late). I guess I needed the sleep!


Anyway, per usual, the Mr. and I went grocery shopping Sunday and picked up a few “must have” groceries. Where we go there is always a sign out front telling us how many types of local grown fruits and veggies are on the shelf that day – awesome! Yesterday there were twenty-seven different varieties! We do tend to lean toward the locally grown whenever possible for a ton of reasons and have had some great experiences.

4. Higher quality! Almost 100% of the time locally grown will be higher quality; there’s less farm to table transport, sometimes it’s even transported by the farmer and he or she always has more pride in the product. Shorter transport and shelf times result in a fresher and therefore more flavorful product!

3. It connects you to your food. You get to know how and where your food is grown, there is nothing better than that. You may even get to pick some yourself. I have seen a lot of strawberry and blueberry picking lately on Instagram – looks like you guys are having a blast!

We all eat

2. It’s healthier! Honey contains healthy helpers to ward off local allergens and with less waiting around (on planes, trains, and in warehouses) you will be getting more of the right off plant nutrients.

1. It gives back. Farms are amazing, farms conserve their land for future, protect water sources, and ensure a healthy and safe environment for everyone.

Farming gives back to the community and is truly an art form so don’t hate on your farmers.

Happy Monday!! How did you celebrate the forth?

2 thoughts on “Forth of July: Homegrown

  1. I love this! We buy and eat locally as much as we can and I totally agree…farming is an art form! My house is nestled in between onion fields (or mucks as we call them) and I am always amazed when I see the crop flourishing!

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