No More Vaccinations

Hey guys!! Long time no talk!

If you follow me on Instagram you know this weekend didn’t start off just great. We spent Thursday night in the puppy ER and hung out at his regular vet for two consecutive days. It was scary!

Queso and I went into our regular vet for his comprehensive visit Thursday morning. Last time we went for a visit he had his first allergic reaction to the leptospirosis vaccine. Leptospirosis is a disease that comes from fecal matter of wild animals in slow moving or stagnate water, since the Little Man is mainly indoors and we live in the city we went ahead and opted out of “lepto”. 

As an addition precaution we chose to allow the vet to administer Benadryl and put in an IV. All to ensure that even if he had a reaction it could be stopped immediately.

His first reaction was minor, mainly facial swelling. It was about fifteen minutes from injection, luckily we had just gotten home when he started swelling so I called immediately to let them know we were on the way back! They gave him a Benadryl and steroids. About an hour later we were released and went home without any more issues.


Thursday the vet decided to vaccinate Queso early and keep him all day to make sure, again, they could catch any and all potential reactions. Six-thirty rolled around and they called me to come get the “cutest dog ever”. I picked him up about seven but as I was chatting with the vet one of the nurses noticed some swelling and they rushed him to the back to administer steroids. By now it was after-hours and, of course, they couldn’t keep him. I knew that and the swelling had stopped. They let me know they didn’t think we’d have to go but gave the information for the emergency vet anyway and we all went on our way.

Queso was a little out of it and hadn’t eaten at all in over twelve hours. Instead of going home we headed to the emergency vet, it was already a twenty minute drive and the least thing I wanted to do was make that drive any longer! 

In hindsight I’m really thankfully I did. Once we got there his chest was swollen and his head was beginning to swell. Not good! I was disappointed with the ladies at the front desk, it was obvious they didn’t care about Queso or me for that matter but once I passed him to an unwilling nurse and filled out the paperwork a receptionist pointed me to a room. The vet came in about a fifteen minutes later and let me know they wanted to keep the Little Man overnight.

A few tears and a call to my mother later I was on my way back home. 7 am Friday morning rolls around and I get a call that he still had some swelling but was ready to come home. We were sent home with steroids and directions to pull his IV in two hours. Per request (by our regular vet) we dropped Queso back off so they could watch him. 

24-hours after I originally went to pick him up I was back at the office staring at the Little Man back to normal size and a little disoriented but ready to go home.


Since then we’ve decided to forgo every vaccination, he has overcome his dehydration, and life is back to it’s quiet normal!

Queso feeling better is a great way to break into my first Marvelous in my Monday link up too!


We are NOT saying don’t give your dog vaccinations! This is our experience and we have decided, in conjunction with our vet not to vaccinate him any longer.

What was marvelous about your day?!

2 thoughts on “No More Vaccinations

  1. I’m so sorry! Sick dogs are the worst! It’s so hard because you just wish they could tell you what’s wrong or how to make them feel better. It’s even harder when you have to leave them with someone else and go home alone. Lilly had a tumor surgically removed this time last year and it was awful. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I basically paced in my house and my office all day until I could get her home. Afterwards I just laid on the floor with her all night and did everything I could to make her feel better. It’s times like these that prove dogs truly are more than just a pet. They are part of our family! Hope Queso is feeling better!

    • He is feeling so much better thank you! You are so right – he is our family, just as Lily is yours! It’s scary when things don’t go just right!! I hope she has fully recovered!

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