5 Ways to Succeed This School Year


5 Ways to Succeed at School

Good morning! Today is my first day of school. My fifteenth first day of school to be exact and I’m still in school!

I’d consider myself somewhat an expert. First my parents sent me to kindergarden dressed in a uniform turned around and I was graduating high school and “school” turned to “class”. I failed one semester and made a 4.0 the next. That’s right, I know how to succeed but I know how to fail too.

Many of you have been in school for a week or so now, lucky you! These tips are targeted for high school and college but will get you started off right no matter the year – I promise!

5. Keep an agenda. As far as I’m concerned the best school supply I have ever bought has been an agenda. By nature I am either super organized or not organized at all. I usually keep two and they change semester to semester, most recently I have found a dynamite combination – a desktop myAgenda that has everything I am doing (dinners, meetings, assignments, etc) and a pocketbook sized weekly checklist in which I only write assignments, I use it as a “homework hub” so I can prioritize and stay on top of everything. I can look ahead weeks in advance and know exactly what needs to done.


4. Make time for homework – every day. Some of your classes will never have homework, others will have hours two/three nights a week and others will have a year end project that will take you more than you could ever imagine! By taking the time to learn your assignments early on in the semester and use this time wisely you should never have a late paper. The best part of starting things early is asking your prof questions if you have concerns long before the assignment is due! It’s important to show your prof your prepared and trying – it will get you out of trouble more than once!

3. Read your syllabus. Really. Things change but each teacher will have a different set of rules. Busted for gum in you 9 o’clock? Obviously you didn’t read “no gum allowed” in her syllabus. Some teachers excuse you from class on what you consider a minor infraction. Don’t be that person!

five things you can do to succeed this year

2. Add assignments to your agenda immediately. During the first week of school I sit down, comb through each syllabus, and 

1. Make academics a priority but don’t forget about everything else. There are plenty of “distractions” that it may not become a problem but you should go out with your friends, play an intramural sport, or join the debate team. After all, that is the meaning of an education!

Study, have fun, enjoy every class you take – even the ones you hate! You will certainly appreciate every second you take advantage of it!