5 Ways to Make Going Out to Eat with PiYo Easier and More Fulfilling


Good morning! Happy Friday! I’m wrapping up the end of week two with PiYo and loving it! After my little food freak out last week (tamales and ice cream anyone?) I decided to sit down and figure out how to thrive in the next few weeks. Some places make it easier than others but when it comes right down to it I think these “hacks” can be applied to make everyone’s habits just a tad bit better and who doesn’t like that?

Let’s jump right in:

1.Check online to see if the restaurant has it’s nutrition posted.

My favorite example of this is Subay’s nutrition tracker. You can add or take away your cheese, veggies, sauces, and additions; the only thing you can’t do is toast it! By “calculating yours” you receive custom nutrition information based on your choices You can also print it so you can take with to the store, bless the heart of the guy taking your order from a piece of paper.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 11.14.59 PM


2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

I know that not everyone feels comfortable doing this but if you’re at all worried about what’s in your food (and even if you’re not) you have the right to know. I have learned a lot by asking; Subway’s chicken patty is 2.5 oz, 54 Street Bar and Grill serves cinnamon butter but you can always have regular, and almost anything can be modified.

3. Call ahead if you’re worried or take time to scan the menu before you’re seated.

If you head to a restaurant and you’re on this meal plan or any other and cannot, for the life of you, find at least their menu online then give them a call and ask if you can get XYZ. What’s your favorite thing that the restaurant is most likely to have? Knowing what you can eat will make the whole experience that much more fulfilling.

4. Just be nice.

This is my hard and fast rule in life and it just so happens to go perfectly while dining out. If you’re nice to others you’re far more likely to get better service. Not every restaurant is going to be as accommodating as you’d like but, in my experience, you will get much more accomplished by being nice and trying to be understanding. The world does not revolve around you (whomp whomp whomp) and some dishes just cannot be modified.

5. Simplify.

I like salads because I can count my food groups with very little aggravation and holding up the other person no longer becomes an issue. Easy peasy!

Subway PiYo meal hack

Do you have any tips for dining out while on a meal plan? Talk to me!

PiYo Week One

PiYo Week One

I was beyond excited when the BeachBody box showed up on my doorstep and could not wait to start! I ended up waiting until Monday so 1) I could follow the calendar and 2) my rest days could be on Fridays! I love rest day Fridays!!

A BeachBody coach approached me to see if I’d like to join her July challenge group about two weeks ago and, as fate would have it, her timing was perfect. I was looking to change up my routine but hadn’t put my finger on exactly how. Initially I was going to order Insanity and call it a day, the more I looked into PiYo though I knew it would fit our lifestyle better. Not mention I have an amazing new yoga mat I wanted to start using a lot more!!

Sunday we went grocery shopping and food prepped for the week (more on that soon!). Let me say – this made eating throughout the week soo much easier! It was amazing to just go into the kitchen, grab a proportioned baggy and leave. I am forever here to swear by meal prep. Wait, as long as it continues to work!!

Monday was an introduction, I popped in the DVD and got to know the moves. The really nice thing is that as a participant you are encouraged to go back through this introduction as often as you’d like and you don’t even have to bother your instructor. I know I feel a little sheepish when I ask an instructor to repeat a move!

Tuesday and Wednesday were Defining Upper and Lower Body. Since this is a push yourself series and I have never done anything like this I decided to push myself but not to the edge quite yet – that starts this week! It was a great workout and feel so in my element since PiYo uses body weight.

It always seems impossible until it's done

Thursday was the Sweat workout. The Define workouts are twenty minute workouts and I didn’t need water during either so I wasn’t concerned with Sweat either. This workout is forty or forty-five minutes long and I pushed myself, I actually had to pause with ten minutes to go because I needed a drink. Luckily a margarita pitcher of water was in the fridge! This one kicked my butt and left me wobbly.

Friday was a rest day and I just did some light stretching. I am using Friday as a universal rest day so I didn’t have anything planned.

Saturday I decided to get up around 4:30 after a less than restful night sleep and get it in early, we repeated Define Lower Body and I decided to push myself. I was still a little groggy but it felt good to be up and sweaty while everyone was still asleep. I had a little bit of a breakdown over food Saturday. I really wanted to gorge myself on tamales and ice cream but knew 1) that was not an appropriate response and 2) it wouldn’t do me any good in the long run. We do have a tamale and ice cream date on the calendar in 53 days (and counting 😉 )!

Sunday after two hours of technical difficulties my husband was sweet enough to fix the TV so I could get to it. Define Upper Body got my going and by the last set of tricep pushups I was tanked. I could feel more core and arms more engaged.. My upper body is truly my weakest point so I am excited to see the results!

Eating: This past week I tried out a seven meal system. It worked and I felt satiated often but there were still a few times I wanted a piece of fruit or veggies but couldn’t because I would be over my limit for the day. We live and we learn so I’m trying a four meal plan this week – fingers crossed!

Subway PiYo meal hack

Meals on the go: We like to try new restaurants and dive into whatever establishment beacons us. As it turns out that’s easier to do than you’d think Sunday he had a hankering for Subway, after a few googles I found an interactive nutrition label (awesome by the way) and was able to plug, chug, and estimate my way to a Double Chicken Chopped Salad. Each chicken patty weighs 2.5 oz (there was two) and the accumulated veggie content (spinach, cucumber, tomato, and black olives) was about a cup and  a half. Awesome! I have a lot more on the go hacks but I think I’ll do an entire post soon!

Experts say the first week of a diet/lifestyle change is the toughest. If you can get over that you’re on the right track. Do you find this true?