And Then There Was Another: My Second StitchFix

Disclaimer: I was NOT paid to review the StitchFix service but if you do decide to sign up and use this link I do get a small commission. Think of it as an early birthday gift to both of us 😉


Hey guys, after my first StitchFix went so well I decided to give it another go and give it it’s own space. I’ve heard a few times through other blogs that people had phenomenal first fixes and horrendous results after that. Things were a gamble if you left it up to chance. I ensured not to gamble and requested the same stylist – Kaci who rocked June. Let’s go through the deets: How StitchFix works:

  1. You sign up.
  2. You fill out your ‘Style Profile’. This includes your loves, your likes, and your dislikes; your height, weight, your proportions; and options to link your social media sites so that your stylist can get to know you and your style better. You can also tell your stylist about items (outerwear, dresses, jewelry, etc) that you don’t want to receive.
  3. StitchFix pairs you with a stylist who picks 5 items he or she thinks you will love.
  4. You’re mailed a box and get to try on everything at home, style them with what’s already in your wardrobe and decide what to and not to keep. Not only are in the comfort of your own home.
  5. You return what you don’t keep in a prepaid envelope provided by theirs truly within three days of receiving it, I’m not really sure how Friday’s work since your third day would be Sunday.
  6. Hop online and tell them what you thought of each piece. The review process includes considerations such as “how was this price point” and “what did you think of this style” as well as a comments sections for each piece.
  7. Repeat. In theory, like wine, StitchFix gets better with time!

Did you like my rhyme??

So, how does the money work? There’s a $20 styling fee charged to your credit card around Step 3. If you keep anything from your box that $20 is applied so, it’s not actually forfeited unless you send everything back. As mentioned above if you decide to keep everything there is a 25% discount applied. Note: last Fix I kept everything and with the 25% off I ended up buying four items getting number five “free” so the discount does make a difference. Also something to keep in mind – you do not pay shipping ever. The average price of each piece is $55 but come as inexpensive as “the cheaper, the better”. While going through your style profile there will be a time to fill out the prices you feel most comfortable spending per type of item. In my experience (reading the reviews and having it done myself) they are extremely vigilant in this aspect. As a matter of fact everything in my first fix were either under budget or on the low side. Other things worth mentioning:

  • This is a subscription box. If you so wish you can set up automatic fixes that let you receive a box every 2-3 weeks, once a month, or once every other month. You can always automatically sign up for your fixes too, for a special occasion or any other reason.
  • Your pieces will come with style cards with suggestions as to how to style each piece. Typically a day and night choice.
  • You will also receive

You've Got Style

Things I like:

  • Once I was in I could schedule a fix as soon as three weeks. Remember my first fix took me three months to receive.
  • I can request the same stylist. Or if I didn’t adore Kaci I could have requested someone else.
  • Along the same lines, I can write a note about my next fix i.e. “Hey, we’re having an anniversary date at the end of the month, send me XYZ.” You should really say please though – be polite, please.
  • Not only do I get to write the note but she listens!! That’s awesome.
  • It really is so convenient, not to mention it feels like Christmas or a birthday when fixes just show up!
  • The presentation. My boxes have arrived beautifully, my clothes were folded and packages nicely. Nothing was wrinkled or damaged. This time I received something wrinkled (it was the material, not the presentation) and something was missing a button.

Things I dislike:

  • The initial wait time. I don’t know what it is now from the get-go but I almost never tried StitchFix because I got tired of waiting. Thankfully I got lucky and some earlier dates shook free.
  • There is no way to view previous fixes. Once you review your fix you can never go back to see what you said/thought or change the feedback.
  • Exchanges. I am pretty sure you can request a different size via customer care but to ship back the original, have them ship you the second in hopes it fits instead of just grabbing a different size from the rack is slightly inconvenient. Shipping is free so I don’t think it would be anything more than a slight inconvenience. Yes, these are certainly first world problems.
  • There’s not enough room in my closet. Again, a very first world problem.


  • Be specific and detailed. AKA don’t be afraid to be honest with your style profile and in your feedback. If you have a true issue with a certain neckline or would just prefer to receive it let them know. Instead of “hated this top,” try “The boxy cut made my shoulder appear wide and I didn’t like that,” or whatever made you really say no. Yes, price point is a reason too!
  • Try it all on and be open minded. Open your box, pull out everything and try it on, every time. If you don’t like it on, send it back. If it something you look at and think you’d never look good in it or it’s not something you would have chosen who cares? You’re in your home, you have nothing to lose, and no one can see you – go wild, you might surprise yourself!! If it doesn’t fit or is unflattering, at least you’ll never have that ‘what-if’ feeling.
  • Know your budget. Know what you’re willing to spend before you go into this and stick to it! That’s empowered shopping at it’s best!
  • If you like your box or boxes request the same stylist. This one is simple, no need to “fix” something that isn’t broken. I just love when puns work!!

What’s in Fix #2?

This box was great in theory – I was REALLY excited when I checked out in the preview.

As it turns out Fix #2 was not the winner Fix #1 was. It was not Kaci though! Kaci is the amazing stylist who has styled both boxes. She hit the nail on the head.

Here’s the break down…

Fun2Fun Kassidy Open Lattice Detail Tank

They also sent a white tank to go under it since there is cutout detail around the midsection. I’m down with the cutout but I own something very similar. The tank was a one-size which usually fit a little odd on me but this one fit well! Both went back.

41Hawthron Filbert Polka Dot Print 3/4 Sleeve Blouse

I would probably have gone for another blouse like this but there was a button missing and it was too tight in the bust. This one went back.

19 Cooper Cathleen Leopard Print Tulip-Sleeve Blouse

This was really cute and a great material but it didn’t pass the “arms up” test and was a little tight in the arms. Darn! I should say that I have a pretty long torso so it probably would have hit the “average” person just right! It went back too.

Pomelo Harriet Chevron Print Detail Dress

When I Googled this the results showed the black and white version which was super cute. This one is adorable too but the material is a little lower quality and it wrinkled easily and the navy strip made it look a little unbalanced on me. The top was thick but in a good way and the skirt had a built in slip – sweet!

I kept this:

Street Level Juno Small Folded ClutchStreet Level Juno Small Folded Clutch 

This clutch was pretty high quality, a fabulous color, and has great compartments! I can’t wait to take it out with me to girls’ night tonight!!

Have you guys tried Stitch Fix or any other personal style service? Would you?

NOURISH your soul

Disclaimer: I received compensation to review NOURISH: The Fit Woman’s Cookbook as part of a campaign with Lorna Jane Active and Fit Approach. All opinions within are my own.

NOURISH the fit woman's cookbook

“Be inspired to stop diet and start nourishing.”

What an amazing first line to read when checking out Lorna Jane’s latest cookbook. It resonated and made the recipes within so much more inviting. Confession: I read that long before I even had my hands on the book. I knew I would fall in love, I didn’t know just how right I was. Beautiful images of tantalizing food can be found in every food magazine, cookbook, and on most food blogs so there is no surprise that the imagery is extended into the pages of the latest Lorna Jane cookbook NOURISH. What may come as a surprise though (I know it did for me) is that it also comes with tips straight from Lorna Jane on how to find healthy eating habits, improve personal nutritional philosophies and life rituals by implementing some of strategies she uses. Yes please! <- See that? Another ‘just say YES’ moment! In a situation like this how could you go wrong? Lorna Jane NOURISH Let’s stop back though and talk Lorna Jane Clarkson for a moment. She is every Woman Crush Wednesday for me. First thing first: She’s the founder and CCO at Lorna Jane Active but it isn’t where she sits on the ladder that makes her an inspiration. Lorna Jane started from humble roots pulling together outfits for her friends before launching Lorna Jane Active. Her personal and brand motto is Move Nourish Believe offering the women who wear her brand a community full of energetic, encouraging women just like themselves!

Onto the real reason you’re here…I have been trying to find my optimal nutrition for a few years now. I’ve looked into every option, I know people in just about every realm, and, well, I haven’t found anything that “just works.” What I have found is that my body thrives with whole, natural food; It is less efficient with processed, greasy foods; and it does work for a treat every now and then. The amazing thing is that’s exactly how Lorna Jane found her balance. This cookbook takes real food, love of yourself, and a basic understanding of nutrition for the busy life and blends them beautifully.


  • The amounts come in both metric and imperial. That’s nice for us US gals! I can convert but life is just so much easier when there no need!
  • NOURISH brings you through an introduction to hydration, alkalinity, and digestion with explanations of how each helps your body thrive.
  • There’s a seasonal eating section that lays out all the fruits and veggies that are in season around the year.
  • Terms that may be new to you are explained. Who knew there was a second name for pumpkin seeds?!
  • NOURISH has incredible photos – everything looks delicious!!
  • There’s an honesty in this cookbook that is evident. I find that everything Lorna Jane tends to breathe this same honesty and I appreciate it. You can definitely see yourself making these meals in the time frame provided and for your family. Or at least I can, I don’t always find that in a cookbook.
  • ‘Cook’s notes’ and Lorna Jane quotes keep you engaged and “listening” to the pages.


  • There are ingredients you will be using that are not corner market ingredients. Mung beans as an example, we happen to be close to a Whole Foods but otherwise I would never have gotten my hands on them. Same with baby corn, Chinese broccoli (couldn’t find this but found a substitute at Whole Foods), and a few other things.
  • Incongruent measurements. This one comes from the hubby and was noted as a “splitting hairs” find. Ingredients are measured both in imperial and metric (as noted above) but they weren’t always in the same order. Grams, cups vs cups, grams. Again, we were splitting hairs to find cons!!


Personally, I have cookbooks I cherish, most of them sent to me by family members and I have individual recipes mainly sent by my grandmother, all of which I do love. This cookbook is a much welcomed addition to the collection. I have the e-version of this cookbook and it’s 127 pages which is a great size for a “real” cookbook too. I LOVE how there aren’t only recipes but also ways to improve your life, inspiration, and teachable moments. We found the portions to be a little large but…that could have just been our miscalculations! The Mr. and I would definitely wear this cookbook thin if it were a hardcopy and will spend hours cooking with the laptop on the kitchen counter. Even though this cookbook was provided to me I would certainly have picked it up and bought it myself, if for nothing more than the wisdom between the recipes. The recipes? Just icing on a very fruitful cake!

Would I recommend it? I would, I have, and I will!


Lorna Jane NOURISH cookbook


What’d we make? I had “pretty blog pictures” but I can’t find my camera! As soon as I find those pretty blog pictures I will make sure to update this post!! 🙂


Chicken and Mung Bean Meatloaf Muffins:

These were…particular. They’re a great muffin to grab as your running out the door any time of day. I grated everything (minus the beans) and I liked the smoother texture with a little bit of umph the beans provided. The hubby liked the flavor but thought they were a little dry. I suppose we’re all entitled to our opinions 😉 Also, we used ground turkey as we could not find ground chicken. We will be on the hunt for that later this week.

Tamari, Lime, and Sesame Beef and Broccoli Stir-fry

We both LOVED this stuff! It made plenty for the both of us to have seconds. I personally took mine without the meat; the hubby said the meat tasted out of place and next time we make it he’s going to keep everything cooking together for a more consistent taste.

Other things we’ve tried:

Breakfast Smoothie – killer; I will taking these babies to class with me!

Honey and Sesame Spirulina Balls – did someone say snack time?! These are the perfect excuse to add ENERGYbits too!

Things we will be trying:

Spinach Hummus

Kumara and Peanut Butter Soup

Out-the-door Energy Bars

So many more!!

Another thing – I love to spend time in the kitchen but wasted time in the kitchen is not my favorite thing. The great thing is that she lets you know right up front if things need to be soaked overnight or will take extra prep time for whatever reason!


Lorna Jane

How about a chance to win a copy of Nourish The Fit Woman’s Cookbook?

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What is the best recipe you’ve tried lately? Feel free to share 😉

Houses, Giveaways, and Stitch Fix

You guys are getting a trifecta today! Happy (Trifecta) Thursday – almost to the weekend!

This morning I am out and about with our Realtor looking at potential homes. House hunting is a little different up here as opposed to Arkansas. I’m having to get used basements being the thing and street parking becoming a reality. Ugh! I know, I know; first world problems! The house we’re looking at today has a moderate yard for the pup and off the street parking for me – whoo hoo! More details to come if it’s “the one”!

This week’s giveaways:

Run Steff Run – Sparkly SOUL headbands and don’t forget to tell her happy (belated) birthday!

Run Bake Blog – Women’s Health BIG Book of Exercises – I own this book and love it!

All That Glitter – Sunshine Burgers – organic, gluten and soy free, vegan black bean burgers.

Run Pretty Blog – $100 gift card to Running Skirts – “from skirts to hydration belts. I’m sure you’ll find something you want or need!”

Lastly Stitch Fix. I really didn’t expect to like this whole fad.

  • I honestly thought I would hate every piece they sent and be able to tell you not to waste your money.
  • I thought because I have been on the list since March and was suppose to get first fix in July that I would be able to tell you the wait was not worth it.
  • I just knew (or thought I knew) that there would be no way for someone who didn’t know me to pick out things I liked much less things that fit.
  • I’m not much of a trendster. I’m going to wear what I feel good in, not what everyone else wearing.
  •  Oh, and I’m cheap! I like sales, clearance being my bff!

I actually cancelled that fix about two weeks ago because I was tired of waiting – I wasn’t even going to bother. A few days after canceling I went back just for kicks and the fix schedule and as it turns out it was this week. I thought why not and signed back up since I hadn’t paid the styling fee yet. I was still iffy and wasn’t really feeling it. Not that my intuition was telling me something wrong, I just wasn’t all gung-ho. Yesterday when the mail arrived I was super excited because for the first time thought I could like the contents.

Stitch Fix is a personal style service that provides about 5 items that make up two or three outfits anywhere between 2/3 weeks and every other month or you can request as desired. When you sign up Stitch Fix will walk you through building your style profile which is compromised of your like/dislikes, your actual proportions, price points, and connected social media (think Pinterest style boards). They then pair you with your own stylist who  goes through the Stitch Fix warehouse and picks out your ‘fix’. Once you’ve been styled they will charge $20, which will be taken off your order if you buy at least $20 worth otherwise it’s forfeited. When you receive your fix it comes with a note from your stylist and ideas on how to streamline the clothes she sent into your wardrobe! Try everything on in your home, send back what you don’t want. If you keep everything your oder is 25% off which is usually the cost of at least one item! Let’s get started.

What I saw when I peeked:

Stitch Fix first look

I was excited to see the patterns and colors – I am absolutely one to be expressive in my clothing! Kaci (my stylist) noted that she went through my Pinterest style board and she gave me ideas on how to both dress up and down each piece with specific references to my preferences. As with every fix there were also style cards to show me how to generally style each piece (in addition to her specific recommendations) and the receipt telling me how much I’d be spending.

Just a quick a look at everything:

Stitch Fix

PS sorry about the headless mirror selfies – nobody is home to feed my vanity!

The three tops, the necklace, and the cobalt colored skinnies that did not act so skinny on me. From top left: This gem had a slit up the back and was a little tight in the chest but not too tight and the slit was tasteful (and it was made in the USA!). The statement necklace was a great color and will go with lots of what I already have. The black and white chevron is something I can pair with a black blazer or any number of things I already own. The white lace tank goes exceptionally well with a number of things and is perfect for summer and spring – might actually wear it on the Fourth. The skinnies – they puddled all wrong but I cuffed them and paired them with orange gladiators I already owned and they perked right up. A note on the quality: everything I received was well made.

If you have extraneous money and you don’t have the time to shop or you want to find new brands I would certainly recommend Stitch Fix; otherwise, why bother? A few tips: be honest, be specific about your likes and dislikes, and know your budget. Here’s The average price per piece is $55, they carry all sorts of price points though. I was sure to mention ‘no basics’ in my request as I’ve heard that can be an issue. For me this is more of a once a season thing to keep my wardrobe updated but as I mentioned you can have it done as often as you’d like! Wanna give it a try? Click here! PS If you’re interested in where you can find any of the pieces just ask!

Disclaimer:I was NOT paid to review the StitchFix service but if you do decide to sign up and use this link I get a small commission. If you didn’t know, now you do.

That’s all I’ve got y’all! Let me know your thoughts on house hunting, those giveaways, or Stitch Fix and stay cool in this heat!


When I’m Not Running I’m Reading

To live in a library is to live in a time machine.

Lucky Us Amy Bloom

If I could build my dream house just the way I wanted, it is a dream after all, you better believe nook and crannies would be filled with books. To get the book you wanted might even require you to grab a library ladder. Phones, iPads, and all other mobile devices would left at the door. That’s my kind of house. Shelves, staircases, and maybe even the kitchen sink would be bustling with the adventures of knights slaying dragons and women saving themselves. I would be typing this on the porch swing outside and the crickets would be chirping, whispering what to say instead of on my couch with the fan blades rustling.

My love for literary art is far from recent. My mother would read Avon books to get me to sleep at the airport before I could read, when I was a little older we read Harry Potter together every night before I went to bed. Reading was required in middle school, I had all my points finished in the first week and, of course, read above my grade by a long shot. It was a relief in junior high when we had access to the high school library – that’s where the good books were! Even though high school brought a great many of distractions I would eat lunch and spend my free period in the library; you guessed it – reading. Into college there was no extra time to spend on anything but reading textbooks. I enjoyed learning but whoever wrote college textbooks should have to try to learn by them. My mother and I drove across county and I read to her. Although busy with Life and Other Things I continue to read blog posts, scholarly articles, and even the paper book when I get the chance. I will teach my children how to read, just like my mom taught me.

Lucky Us Amy Bloom

There are very few books that I will not pick up, I’m a pretty equal opportunity reader if you will. I will even stand toe to toe to the SciFiest of them all. I tend to push my library ladder toward the Historical Fiction. The glamour and the shock-and-awe of the late 1800s, the down and dirty Depression, even the cowboys and Indians of the Wild Wild West on occasion. Looking back it’s books like Experanza Rising and the Luxe series that depicted heroines standing up for themselves and blazing trails of their own that shaped who I am and what my husband calls my “larger than life” personality which just so happens to be the in love version of crazy!

Without having the busy bee summer I thought I would I knew now was the ideal time to get back to appreciating a good book. Lucky Us came at the perfect time. There were summers when I could devour a well written 400-page book in a day on the front swing, I am not afforded quite that now but it didn’t stop me. I picked up Lucky Us every spare moment I could from the moment I cracked the cover and read “My father’s wife died. My mother said we should drive down to his place and see what might be in it for us.” The two half sisters, Eva and Iris, are remarkably captivating as they battle Hollywood, themselves, seemingly insurmountable odds, and so much more; reading about success and failure in the same breath. Along with the fanciful life of what might turn out to be a traveling circus they dare to follow their dreams, take chances, and come out of the whole thing swinging. I found myself tenderly embraced by pages before having to reread passages to believe the scandal within. The next pages would had me laughing hysterical at their next pickle.

Lucky Us Amy Bloom

Lucky Us made me think of my own sister, our family, and the inevitable ups and downs while pursuing our dreams. I love how this adventure is partially told from Eva’s perspective and through letters allowing readers to get to know each deeply developed character in his or her own way. These ladies and their imaginative counterparts won’t be available until July 29th but there is hope (for all)!

Enter the giveaway to join Eva and Iris on their journey to find fame and fortune.

It should also be mentioned that this is not a children’s book. Let me repeat that – not a children’s book.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Random House via 20SB. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Random House or 20SB.


Happy, happy Friday!! If you’re reading this on Monday it’s quite possible the publish button wasn’t working and I didn’t want to bother you over the weekend so you’re in for a treat 😉


I’m really excited about this box, Influenster has really stepped up its game and seems to be trying to get bloggers and influencers better products – awesome!

Going through in no particular order:

I did get a voucher for a FREE Muller Yogurt Product Muller Quaker @MullerQuaker / #MullerQuaker

Muller Greek Corner

Alright guys, I was so apprehensive about trying greek yogurt as the first time I tried The Other Brand I gagged and, well, it was just horrible. While visiting my parents I went to the store and picked up a few flavors, I should mention that my mom loves Muller already so I knew I could “gift” them to her if all else failed. Thanks Mom 😉 . Anyway, the morning after I peeled back the label, folded the corner dumping the contents into the yogurt, and mixed it well. Then I ate, before I knew it the yogurt was gone. The next morning the exact same thing happened and it happened again the next day! Certainly a product I recommend!

Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Fit N Full Protein Shake The Vitamin Shoppe@VitaminShoppe /#NextStep

Vitamin Shoppe Next Step

I hardly take my protein straight (read if I have any at all it’s mixed into my smoothie) but straight is exactly how the directions say you take this stuff. I’m a sucker for following directions. Yeah, anyway. I poured in the water and dumped in the powder and shook it (then I handed it to Mr. to shake). By the way – I did the Swiss Chocolate and man, it smelled heavenly!! I was nervous but it tasted as yummy as it smelled! I think it was user error but there still were a few “pieces”  again, I’m really pretty sure it was a user error!!

Back on point – the smell was great; the taste was right on cue and tasted A TON like chocolate milk! Seriously – chocolate milk!! YES! SERIOUSLY!! Did I mention it tastes like chocolate milk???

So yes, recommended!!

Playtex Sport Fresh BalancePlaytex Sport and Gentle Glide @Playtex_Sport  /#PlayOn

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance

Boys stop up your ears! Laides – they work!

Blue Diamond Blueberry Flavored Almonds Blue Diamond Almonds @BlueDiamond/  #GetYourGoodGoing

Blue diamond almonds

Before the dog got a hold of these (he’s ok) I tried them out with my mom. I’m not sure if it was the flavor or the texture but it was a miss for me, however my mom liked them! Blue Diamond is a high quality company so I know my mishap was a personal problem! PS the packaging was great; it fit in my purse, gym bag, and hidey – hole in my car!

Profoot Triad Orthodic AND Profoot Pedi Rock Profoot Care @Profoot_Inc /#GoProFoot

From left to right – the insoles feel great but I have a brand I really like and have conformed to my foot. Maybe once those wear out I’ll give these another try! As for the Rock I prefer to keep my blisters in tact to protect my feet so this one was a miss but I a good thought if you like pedi rocks.

Aqua Spa Bath Salts from Aqua Spa Bath @AquaSpaBath / #RelaxwithAquaSpa1

Aqua Spa


Confession: I haven’t taken a bath, much less a bubble bath, in probably 10 years. That was until I unwrapped this gem. My favorite scent is lavender and my inner mini adult (aka my inner little kid) loves bubble baths. The lavender and chamomile were perfect compliments. I was absolutely able to relax and rejuvenate!! Again, recommended 🙂

Disclaimer: Although all opinions stated are my own I did receive this box complimentary as a part of the Influenster program – thanks guys!

 Did this box offer anything you’d like to try?

Work Your Happy!

Teaching yourself to be happy seems to be a lot like teaching yourself to swim, cycle, or run. I’ve done three and a half – still working on that bike! If you know me from social media it’s probably pretty easy to imagine I am happy ALL. THE. TIME. much to my husband’s dismay at times, this is completely true! Well, for the most part. Lucky him!!

A little flailing in the water, a lot of terrifying moments on the bike (which I still haven’t mastered), and some ridiculously embarrassing confessions I have from running I think I can honestly say that teaching yourself is tough and doable but it can be so much more rewarding to include your friends, family, and maybe even a stranger or two. After all, that is what we do when we race. Can I get an amen?

Some us, including me, also have coaches along side us while we swim, bike, run to make sure our form is correct, we are mentally ready, and for a whole plethora of reasons. Why not have a coach for happiness too?

Not like a physiologist or psychiatrist that bills hourly but more like that best friend you have who is always there to talk it out with you. Can a digital platform even offer that? Actually Happify is claiming to do just that – help you work your happy! I was invited to try it out and was just nerdy enough to say yes!


Marketed as is a “webapp that trains you to live a happier, less stressful, and more fulfilling life,” and, in my words a hybrid gratitude journal/interactive media site; Happify is based on the principle that you can work your happy, just like you can work anything else! Before you read too much further – it’s free.

Through quizzes, prompts, and games the Happify platform customizes and recommends activities for you based on your goals. Some of my activities have included Personal Ten Commandments, Today’s Grateful Moment (back to gratitude journal), and What’s My Why; these will vary based on you and how you best learn and play! You can broadcast your activities to the world but you don’t have to and keep everything you do private, which I love because not everyone wants to have such deep stuff out there. I also appreciate that they do give you the option to write anything you want. They guide you if you want it but if you’re into doing your own exploration Happify is encourages you to rock that too!

That’s nice and all but, does it work? YES! Happiness has been studied since the dawn of time, has 72 million hits on Google (72,200,000 to be exact), is written into the Constitution as an inalienable right, and, saving the greatest for last, is the real treasure hunt of life. There are even elective courses in college labeled Positive Psychology that handle the science of happiness. Anyway. Happiness is a big deal. Happify was developed based on cutting edge research is neuroscience and psychology so it should be no surprise it works!

I have noticed I’m overall more kind. I have less road rage – it was getting rough and is the thing that pushed me to try Happify. The best results that I’ve seen though is that I’m more focused and “zenned” in life – it’s easier to yoga and find a quiet moment within all the chaotic mess of life. Like I said too, I am an extremely happy person to begin with so, other than to help my road rage (it was really getting bad guys) I didn’t think I’d see other results but I did! I can only imagine what it can do for others and I really mean what others can do for themselves!

What do I really think? I think everyone should try it! Really! I believe in positive psychology and even if I hadn’t I would after Happify. Ideally we’d all make this a habit but to be honest it’s hard to find time in our busy days to do much else but truly, if anything else just go check it out!

Speaking of time, here’s the short list:

Quick Look –


  • Free!
  • Guided activites.
  • Supportive community.


  • Limited time to complete tracks (tasks).

So really guys – go on and check it out!

Disclaimer: This is sponsored content but, as always, every opinion and view is authentically mine. xx

Be happy

What Happens with Vega…

Gets shared with all!

Fuel Your Better

I am lucky enough to have been one of the bloggers to have been chosen to review a Vega Sport product of choice. Vega Sport started from a plant-based Ironman who was sure there had to be a better way to be a plant-based athlete who was constantly on the go than being tired and hungry all the time. Vega One, an all-in-one nutritional shake, got the ball rolling and inspired a whole line of plant-based nutritional supplements.

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Fuel Your Better

For me those obstacles come in the form of a lot of things but most relevant to recent events (i.e. Summer) I know I have to watch my electrolyte levels and take what seems like extra electrolytes so I chose the Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator because training down south gets HOT and when I get hot I sweat like a hog.

sweat like a pig

Or like a sinner in church…you get the point 😉

I used to lug heavy bottles of Powerade or Gatorade out with me or have an extra bladder on long runs but bottles are bulky, weighty, and awkward (anyone have an Aunt Marg like this?). When out on the trails there was no place to properly dispose of them

When you sweat you lose electrolytes and no matter how much water you drink you will never, ever regain them unless you replenish. Let me back up though, losing all your electrolytes leads to mild cramping, that horrible runner’s tummy, moderate cramping, full body cramping, and (if not replenished, handled properly) can be fatal in rare situations thanks to IVs and doctors. Happy Wednesday? Back to the happy side of things. Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator “replenishes electrolytes and minerals; enhances metabolism and alkalinity; and provides antioxidant protection.” While doing all of this it ensures your muscles stay receptive to the transfer of energy. All very important to avoid cramps!

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Now down to the details!

Taste: It comes in two flavors, berry and lemon lime. I was sent Lemon and true to nature first thing I did was try in a smoothie. It was a little strong the first time, the second time was delicious! I put extra fruit in the there the second time (expert hint haha). Then I followed the directions, what a novel idea, and mixed a packet with 16oz. It was still a little strong so I’m probably going to stick to one pack per 32oz, but that’s just me.

Ease of Use: Super easy! We went to the zoo, I carried the bottle in with me and a pack of Hydrator in the bottle. When I was ready I filled up the bottle with water, dumped the packet in the bottle, shook, and volia – I had my very own awesome plant-based electrolyte replacer!
It was just as easy when running. I tried on the TM and despite being somewhat multi-challenged with coordination on a moving treadmill I was able to successfully execute a Hydration Station! The trail was easier too, I run with a second, smaller bladder so all I had to do was open the second bladder, open a few packets, and close again. Shaking done by the running 😉

Overall: I would absolutely recommend Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator. I love the packaging and how easy it is to stick in my purse, pocket, pack , anywhere really! I’m a huge fan of it being plant-based and everyone friendly. It really works, alleviates cramping and replenishes electrolytes quickly; also keeps those icky things at bay!

So guys – what’s holding you back?