Just Say YES!

Just Say Yes

Good morning, good morning, good morning!

I learned yet another life lesson this past week. Being in my twenties it’s no real surprise, I really learn these babies everyday!

The lesson? Even the things that are guaranteed…aren’t. As disappointing as this may be it makes room for more YESES and I LOVE yeses! So, here’s what’s up:

This morning I’m posting from Saint Louis, again. I nannied for about five days then we decided to go our separate ways for unforeseen reasons. All ended amicably but it’s still a tad bittersweet.

What it means:

  • I will not be nannying. Duh.
  • No more cute baby pictures for you guys. I can hear the collective disappointment now. No worries though, I’ll slip in adorable pictures when I can. Like right now!

Instead of moping or being salty about it (which wouldn’t do my any good anyway) I will be saying yes to whatever comes my way. I know there’s a plan and everything happens for a reason so there is absolutely comfort to be taken it that! Here are a few guaranteed YESES:

  • Being back in Saint Louis.
Go Cards!

Go Cards!

  • More focus at the gym and on the track. I have a 50k in September that I will be PRing and you can never start too early on an Ironman!
  • Exploring the gyms and studios around STL! From barre to rock climbing – if you have a place you love or want me to check out let me know! 😉
  • House hunting!! Yesssss we’re buying a house! Yayyyy!! And of course you’ll hear all about it!
House Hunting

I mean, if you insist 😉

  • Compiling vegan recipes for us! No, I’m still not 100% vegan but yes, we’re eating more consciously!
  • Exploring farmer’s markets! STL is the sweet spot for just those – I cannot wait!

Although I’m going to miss the kids and they would have been so much fun, every “bad” has it’s good and I am going to take full advantage of the next few months! Happy Wednesday y’all – have a good one!

What are you saying YES to this week? Coffee maybe? 😉

Work Your Happy!

Teaching yourself to be happy seems to be a lot like teaching yourself to swim, cycle, or run. I’ve done three and a half – still working on that bike! If you know me from social media it’s probably pretty easy to imagine I am happy ALL. THE. TIME. much to my husband’s dismay at times, this is completely true! Well, for the most part. Lucky him!!

A little flailing in the water, a lot of terrifying moments on the bike (which I still haven’t mastered), and some ridiculously embarrassing confessions I have from running I think I can honestly say that teaching yourself is tough and doable but it can be so much more rewarding to include your friends, family, and maybe even a stranger or two. After all, that is what we do when we race. Can I get an amen?

Some us, including me, also have coaches along side us while we swim, bike, run to make sure our form is correct, we are mentally ready, and for a whole plethora of reasons. Why not have a coach for happiness too?

Not like a physiologist or psychiatrist that bills hourly but more like that best friend you have who is always there to talk it out with you. Can a digital platform even offer that? Actually Happify is claiming to do just that – help you work your happy! I was invited to try it out and was just nerdy enough to say yes!


Marketed as is a “webapp that trains you to live a happier, less stressful, and more fulfilling life,” and, in my words a hybrid gratitude journal/interactive media site; Happify is based on the principle that you can work your happy, just like you can work anything else! Before you read too much further – it’s free.

Through quizzes, prompts, and games the Happify platform customizes and recommends activities for you based on your goals. Some of my activities have included Personal Ten Commandments, Today’s Grateful Moment (back to gratitude journal), and What’s My Why; these will vary based on you and how you best learn and play! You can broadcast your activities to the world but you don’t have to and keep everything you do private, which I love because not everyone wants to have such deep stuff out there. I also appreciate that they do give you the option to write anything you want. They guide you if you want it but if you’re into doing your own exploration Happify is encourages you to rock that too!

That’s nice and all but, does it work? YES! Happiness has been studied since the dawn of time, has 72 million hits on Google (72,200,000 to be exact), is written into the Constitution as an inalienable right, and, saving the greatest for last, is the real treasure hunt of life. There are even elective courses in college labeled Positive Psychology that handle the science of happiness. Anyway. Happiness is a big deal. Happify was developed based on cutting edge research is neuroscience and psychology so it should be no surprise it works!

I have noticed I’m overall more kind. I have less road rage – it was getting rough and is the thing that pushed me to try Happify. The best results that I’ve seen though is that I’m more focused and “zenned” in life – it’s easier to yoga and find a quiet moment within all the chaotic mess of life. Like I said too, I am an extremely happy person to begin with so, other than to help my road rage (it was really getting bad guys) I didn’t think I’d see other results but I did! I can only imagine what it can do for others and I really mean what others can do for themselves!

What do I really think? I think everyone should try it! Really! I believe in positive psychology and even if I hadn’t I would after Happify. Ideally we’d all make this a habit but to be honest it’s hard to find time in our busy days to do much else but truly, if anything else just go check it out!

Speaking of time, here’s the short list:

Quick Look –


  • Free!
  • Guided activites.
  • Supportive community.


  • Limited time to complete tracks (tasks).

So really guys – go on and check it out!

Disclaimer: This is sponsored content but, as always, every opinion and view is authentically mine. xx

Be happy

Who’s Really Qualified?

Good morning y’all, let’s just get right into things – hold on tight.

Here’s the word of the day:


This past week I had the chance to interview one of “the most sought after” voices in the fitness industry. Chance of a lifetime, right? Probably so but I turned it down. Now, before you roll your eyes and click over to another tab let me explain why I chose not to share his message, not to interview him, and, quite frankly, why it really rubbed me the wrong way.

Fitness is a lot like politics. No one has the same opinion, everyone’s going to judge you, and unless you stand for something you’re going to fall for anything. What works for you may not work for me. Kind of blows the marketing scheme out of the water but you get the gist.

fitness is like politics

My issue comes with the people within the community who believe everything they say is the most correct, most healthy, most universally satisfying. We’ve all fallen for one scheme or another, the newest trend, or even the best friend who meant the best. Heck, there are even days we are sold a bill of goods from the strangers’ faces looking back at us from the magazine rack. Our inboxes are filled with emails with get skinny quick schemes, how to drop 30 pounds in 30 days, and how to turn heads at the gym (PS it’s not because we’re strong and able but that’s a different rant to be had).

Just because someone labelled this guy (or anyone else) the Know-It-All Of Know-It-Alls doesn’t make him the best, most knowledgable “expert.” Period.

The education is varied almost as much as our bodies themselves. As I mentioned, what works for you won’t always work for me. I believe about the only universally satisfying factor is that if you work you will improve.

Onto Part 2: Those with certificates.

what am I doing

Congratulations – you have a certification – that does NOT make you a guru. Yes, you have had to pass a test or two and hopefully apply some job related skills to obtain that certification but you don’t know sh*t.

To become a personal trainer it takes between 1 to 6 months – have you lost your mind?! You want someone who has been looking at bodies for a month or half a year looking at your body and telling you what’s going to work?! I sure don’t.

Athletic trainers, Physical therapists, MDs go to school for years to get into a position to treat patients. Yes, I said it, if you go to a personal trainer you are a patient. Take your physical health as seriously as you would if you were to see a doctor. Many personal trainers see you as a client though, it’s amazing how much verbiage can change things. Do you value yourself enough to consider yourself a patient?

How many times have you gone to the best doctor is XYZ field or physical therapist or, if you’ve been exposed, to athletic trainers and they, themselves have been possibly out of shape or a little less than the peak of their fitness? They are at the top of the field though, they must be doing something right. Physically trainers however make money on perceptions and results. When picking out your next physical trainer it’s likely to look at his or her body first, reviews and recommendations second, and if that person makes the cut, finally (and maybe) their credentials.

We’re fed lies that there are easy fixes, that those fixes are healthy and sustainable. Some of these qualified individuals are even feeding us this BS from the platform of being planted in front of the fitness community and being told to prevent, diagnosis, and treat what symptoms or ailments we have. It’s possible these people don’t know any better (yet another rant) but some do and some see it as the only way to make money. Either way it’s crap and not ok to put our lives, our families lives, or the lives of the community in danger ever but especially for misrepresentation and greed.

PS: I ragged pretty hard on personal trainers but there are plenty of other “experts” and certified individuals who deserve the rag too. If you leave with anything today please, please, please make it: do your own research, work hard, and don’t exclusively listen to anyone willing to give you advice.

Rant over. I’m all ears…What do you guys think?

You Want Me To What?

The giving of love

I’d like to think of myself as a go-getter. Really. I typically take every opportunity that comes my way and utilize it to the full extent but when my cousin came to me last fall I did one of these:


Just like that really, I was even dressed as The Captain…maybe.

She had asked me to come nanny for her this summer, at first it was an immediate no. As the months went by (and the baby bump was getting cuter) she kept pestering asking me if I was going to come “hang out” this summer. Sure babies are cute and eventually it will probably be nice to have one BUT by no means am I anyone else’s first pick in the nanny department and yet I was hers. It was sweet but I still wasn’t sold.

I did tell her in January I would test drive the kids for a week when I got out of school and if all went well, well, we’d see. AND THEN Baby J was born, I was sent a picture, and…I kinda said yes immediately. Oops. They were just too cute to resist.

Courtesy of Courtney Yarberry Photography

See what I mean? How could you resist these two?

So for the next three months I will be changing diapers, experimenting with toddler entertainment, cherishing every moment, and, of course, blogging all about it. The blog may change a little. I may start talking more children, staying fit with kids, and everything else these two bring.

I am excited but I am also just as frightened as I was the first day she asked (refer to .gif above 😉 ). Let’s just say I’m going to wing it (isn’t that what parents want to hear?) and I know it’ll be ok!

My favorite advice to date has been “Well, as long as they’re both alive and in one piece by the end of summer I’d say you’ve succeeded.” Thanks. Needless to say I’m sure I’ll outperform on the minimum standards and, who knows, by the time August rolls around I may not want to leave. Yes that was a threat!

One more baby picture…


Do you guys have any baby advice? Nanny advice maybe? Feel free to tell me how cute they are!

The Insight You Don’t Have (Yet)!

DISCLAIMER: I was asked to write an overview of BSX Insight. I have not tried it personally so this is solely an explanation of how it works in theory. I do believe it is possible for the device to be accurate and that BSX Athletics is reputable. All opinions are my own.

Good morning!! It’s a brand new day and I have finally been able to sop up the school work long enough to pop in and see everyone (don’t mind that ten page paper due by midnight)! It’s MAY and almost summer, not that Saint Louis would ever let on, but let’s take a moment to celebrate…

Celebrating SUMMER

Alright alright, enough tomfoolery! Down to business 😉 Let’s chat techy runny stuff – don’t forget your excitement!

I first “met” BSX when they ran a Kickstarter campaign and was overfunded almost immediately, I then checked my inbox a few days later and someone had reached out to ask if I’d chat about it with you guys. I, of course, said yes. I love introducing you guys the coolest things! Read on, learn on.

BSX Insight

Above is the BSX Insight. This little sensor actively tracks three of the most common pieces of information (heart rate, calories, cadence, and pace/speed), most revolutionary though the BSX Insight also tracks…

Lactic acid


Who cares?

Considering it’s the most effective performance indicator you should.

Let’s start with a #nerdalert, here’s the chemical compound: C3H6O3.

You’re welcome.

Since you guys probably know what heart rate, calories, cadence and pace all are we can skip to the slightly more mysterious lactic acid.

WHOOO HOO. Having fun yet?!

What is lactic acid?

This is lactic acid as short and as sweet as I can possibly put it, read on gladiators!

It’s an alternative energy source our bodies produce and use when we need energy faster than oxygen delivery can accommodate. Well that’s nice but how do we get it? Glucose (A) turns into pyruvate (B) to make more energy (Z) but only when it has oxygen (X). Without oxygen pyruvate converts to lactate (C) which acts like a bridge and allows glucose to breakdown and energy to form. Got it? Good!

Not ready to move on? Let’s think about it like a math problem.

A + B + X = Z = A + B + C

Without oxygen or lactate and glucose you can’t make energy. Uh oh! So in reality lactic acid is your new BFF.


Sometimes BFF’s go through tough times though.

“Tough times”: The same pathways that ok’d and facilitated the lactic acid production are the pathways that really suck at being in acidic environments. Once you reach your peak in lactic acid production your levels skyrocket which leads to greater acidity in your muscles and eventually slows the the contraction of your muscle allowing oxygen to be used again after recovering from the exercise.

too much lactic acid ≠ usable energy

Instead you reach exhaustion and fatigue.

Alright, so what?

Exhaustion and fatigue equal “the Wall” which sucks for athletes at all levels.

The popular myth would have you believe lactic acid is responsible for cramps (imbalance in electrolytes) or post-exercise soreness. However, it’s just that – it’s a myth. Instead the burning sensation in your muscles while exercising is lactic acid. This uncomfortable, sometimes hellish, sensation causes you to slow down thus a forced recovery period for your body to catch up. That feeling is your lactic acid threshold.

What happens when you reach the threshold? Your body is saying “There is no way the saber tooth tiger is chasing you for that long – breathe!”



How does that make sense? Our ancestors used lactic acid to run away from saber tooth tigers…dig it?

 Contemporarily lactic acid keeps our bodies stay safe and as efficient as possible.

How is lactic threshold tested?

Previously there were only two ways to test lactic threshold (or anaerobic threshold) and only one with true accuracy. To achieve true accuracy you were to to be taken into the human performance lab, take blood combined with strenuous exercise every four to six weeks. Not everyone has the facilities making the tests pricy and sometimes impractical, not to mention how time consuming it is!

The less accurate way  includes using power meters, GPS watches, and time but is no way a match for blood tests in human performance labs or the most recently designed device from BSX Athletics – BSX Insight.



BSX Insight is the first device to measure lactic threshold by noninvasive means. No needle pricks, no base tests, no waiting periods. BSX Insight provides the most accurate levels at real time. Immediately! Not only that but offers instant feedback on your performance. You can monitor your heart rate zone, your cadence, and your pace all WHILE you’re mid run. Giving you reminders and feedback encourages you to stay under your lactic threshold in order to maximize your performance!

This sensor is unparalleled, mostly because it’s the first of its kind.

A bit confused on how you can test lactic acid non invasively? Yeah, I was too…

…but BSX Insight measures lactic acid levels by attaching the device (in the picture above) to your leg via the handy sleeve that is not pictured. As the LED signals from the sensor are sent through your muscle and bounce back the signals collect real time data to keep you informed on the go. I was an excited skeptic. I didn’t know how accurate it would really be and honestly if it was even possible but after chatting with my handy, dandy sports medicine guy I was able to grasp that this might actually work. That was exciting for me!

Insight pairs with your sports watch (Co-founder uses the 910xt but it syncs with others too) and passes on audible recommendations such as “slow down,” so you can optimize your workout on the spot. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial…it gets better – after you workout it will sync to your computer and you can review your data. You or your coach can watch your process from start to finish no matter what that looks like for you and, of course, it keeps past data too so you can reflect on just how far you’ve come.

As mentioned earlier it is not only measures lactic acid but it’s your all-in-one for calories you burn, continuous heart rate, cadence, and pace/speed. What that means for you is you can consistently track your progress.

Yeah, I know, I have a watch that does those things too.  As it turns out though BSX Athletics offers more than “just” the sensor, you can schedule future workouts. Insight will soon also comes with a community of support with social media integration.


Self portrait.


What do I think?

I think it’s cool. I think it’s really cool actually. It’s innovative and space-agey (think Mars exploration, not the Moon 😉 ). Seeing as I recently invested in a Garmin 910xt and BSX Insight is still pretty new technology I probably won’t be buying one simply because of logistics. If I had all the money in the world I would be a full time blogger…oh, and buy the Insight!
I am excited to see where they’re going and how this will change the playing field.

BSX Insight

Pin me 🙂


What are your thoughts? Shout them!!


Gearing up for an EPIC weekend

It’s Fridayyy!
Today I’m traveling (YAY!)  eight hours south to visit my parents and run the Little Rock Marathon this Sunday, as if I haven’t shut up about it lately 😉
Here’s the really *epic* banner that’s sure to be plastered everywhere:

2014LittleRockMarathonHeaderIII1I think it looks pretty awesome myself!

Back to left justified to be easier on the eyes! I have been looking forward to this weekend since mid October (when I signed up) and will be running as the Flash! I think it’ll give me extra speedy vibes! Since I gave you guys the low down on the weekend yesterday I figured today could be short and sweet. Thanks for reading and being awesome – keep it up!

The rest of the week:

  • Girls Gone Sporty is offering $5 off any Pretty Muddy race (Dallas, Sacramento, Chicago or Richmond) with GIRLSGONESPORTY
  • Saturday I’m going to be meeting Bart Yasso at the Little Rock, I have no idea what that’s going to entail but yeah, I’m excited about it! PS Bart Yasso is Runner’s World Chief Running Officer and he goes around
  • If you’re vegan (even if you’re not) you should check out everything Vegan Cuts has to offer. 100% of the site is vegan-friendly, giving voice to beauty, bath, snack, and a pleathra of other products a voice!

That’s all folks! What do you have planned this weekend?

The Hostess with the Mostess



Seriously, Thank God I’m Fabulous It’s Friday!! Eerr, or it was and now it’s Saturday!!# TGIWFANIS? Thank God It Was Friday and Now It’s Saturday? I see a trending hashtag in the future!!

Intermission Confession: I was volunteering yesterday sooo this post was postponed…ha, see what I did there?


Rumors have it I’ll be hosting chats this week! That’s right multiple and I’m here to tell you it’s legit!!


First up I’ll be hosting #VegRunChat tomorrow night (Sunday) 9 PM EST! This community has been so good to me, I have met some pretty awesome people, have turned this “sometimes vegan” thing into a full-time gig, and am continually learning what being a vegan athlete really means! Totally rad

This week’s topic is Recipes, Recipes, RECIPES and we’ll be chatting with you guys about what fuels you, where you get your ideas, and answer any questions you guys might have about this week’s sponsor,  Achiva Native Energy.

Your quick guide to Achiva is right here though: they keep their energy products all natural with 8 or fewer ingredients which means only the things you need are fueling you. They use soluble fiber (fiber that attracts water and turns to gel during digestion which slows the process)  to keep your energy levels up and sustained throughout your workout – au naturale! Sweet!! They sell bake mixes, drink mixes, and energy chews so you have the luxury of getting your energy any way you want it!

Achiva has also supplied us with 3, that’s THREE, prizes to give away! Three Chia Seed & Dehydrated Coconut Water Drink Mixes (flavors may vary) are up for grabs. Check out VegRunChat’s blog to enter!

Follow me, Brandon, and VegRunChat on Twitter to stay up on all the beets!!


I’ll also be hosting the #poweredbybits chat this/next week! Come hangout with me Tuesday 9PM EST to answer Can Health and Convenience Go Together? We’ll be chatting about your favorite health hacks and how to make nutritional decisions in a pinch!

ENERGYbits sponsors this chat every week as ambassadors host to chat all about how to keep our lives fabulous and fit!

It’s also true that if you use thesaltypretzel at checkout you’ll get 30% off any order of any bits!! What, what?! How awesome is that! You can always use thesaltypretzel but between now and February 21, 2014 you’ll also receive a free gift when you purchase when you have a bag of RECOVERYbits in your cart! Whoo hoo!


I hope you all get to join me in at least one these chats and have a fantastic week!!

What’s your favorite health hack?