PiYo Week One

PiYo Week One

I was beyond excited when the BeachBody box showed up on my doorstep and could not wait to start! I ended up waiting until Monday so 1) I could follow the calendar and 2) my rest days could be on Fridays! I love rest day Fridays!!

A BeachBody coach approached me to see if I’d like to join her July challenge group about two weeks ago and, as fate would have it, her timing was perfect. I was looking to change up my routine but hadn’t put my finger on exactly how. Initially I was going to order Insanity and call it a day, the more I looked into PiYo though I knew it would fit our lifestyle better. Not mention I have an amazing new yoga mat I wanted to start using a lot more!!

Sunday we went grocery shopping and food prepped for the week (more on that soon!). Let me say – this made eating throughout the week soo much easier! It was amazing to just go into the kitchen, grab a proportioned baggy and leave. I am forever here to swear by meal prep. Wait, as long as it continues to work!!

Monday was an introduction, I popped in the DVD and got to know the moves. The really nice thing is that as a participant you are encouraged to go back through this introduction as often as you’d like and you don’t even have to bother your instructor. I know I feel a little sheepish when I ask an instructor to repeat a move!

Tuesday and Wednesday were Defining Upper and Lower Body. Since this is a push yourself series and I have never done anything like this I decided to push myself but not to the edge quite yet – that starts this week! It was a great workout and feel so in my element since PiYo uses body weight.

It always seems impossible until it's done

Thursday was the Sweat workout. The Define workouts are twenty minute workouts and I didn’t need water during either so I wasn’t concerned with Sweat either. This workout is forty or forty-five minutes long and I pushed myself, I actually had to pause with ten minutes to go because I needed a drink. Luckily a margarita pitcher of water was in the fridge! This one kicked my butt and left me wobbly.

Friday was a rest day and I just did some light stretching. I am using Friday as a universal rest day so I didn’t have anything planned.

Saturday I decided to get up around 4:30 after a less than restful night sleep and get it in early, we repeated Define Lower Body and I decided to push myself. I was still a little groggy but it felt good to be up and sweaty while everyone was still asleep. I had a little bit of a breakdown over food Saturday. I really wanted to gorge myself on tamales and ice cream but knew 1) that was not an appropriate response and 2) it wouldn’t do me any good in the long run. We do have a tamale and ice cream date on the calendar in 53 days (and counting 😉 )!

Sunday after two hours of technical difficulties my husband was sweet enough to fix the TV so I could get to it. Define Upper Body got my going and by the last set of tricep pushups I was tanked. I could feel more core and arms more engaged.. My upper body is truly my weakest point so I am excited to see the results!

Eating: This past week I tried out a seven meal system. It worked and I felt satiated often but there were still a few times I wanted a piece of fruit or veggies but couldn’t because I would be over my limit for the day. We live and we learn so I’m trying a four meal plan this week – fingers crossed!

Subway PiYo meal hack

Meals on the go: We like to try new restaurants and dive into whatever establishment beacons us. As it turns out that’s easier to do than you’d think Sunday he had a hankering for Subway, after a few googles I found an interactive nutrition label (awesome by the way) and was able to plug, chug, and estimate my way to a Double Chicken Chopped Salad. Each chicken patty weighs 2.5 oz (there was two) and the accumulated veggie content (spinach, cucumber, tomato, and black olives) was about a cup and  a half. Awesome! I have a lot more on the go hacks but I think I’ll do an entire post soon!

Experts say the first week of a diet/lifestyle change is the toughest. If you can get over that you’re on the right track. Do you find this true?


Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, I just love yoga. All thoughts are my own. 🙂

“I honor the place within you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place within you, which is of Love, of Truth, of Light and of Peace. When you are in that place within you and I am in that place within me, WE ARE ONE”.

How lovely is that? So, to you, Namaste.

Thursday the Lorna Jane package I ordered last week came! I had ordered a yoga mat and it came just in time to zen for the long weekend too – it was great!!

Lorna Jane YOGA

I started yoga even before I started running so I knew I wouldn’t stop when I hit the pavement. Instead yoga continues to help me with my balance (you should know it’s a constant battle!!) and injuries are pretty nonexistent! Not to mention – it helps me relieve stress!

Anyway, now that I have a mat I love and empowers me it can be even more rewarding than ever!

Here’s the sequence I tested yesterday:

Plank -> lower to the mat -> push up to plank
Upward facing dog -> standing bed wrist release -> downward facing dog -> forearm lower & raise
Knee-to-forehead -> crescent lunge -> crescent lunge with interlaced hands
down dog split -> down dog split, open leg -> low lunge -> crescent lunge
Mountain pose.

Lorna Jane YOGA mat 

What do you love about yoga? Or do you hate it?!

June 4: Not Just Another National Running Day

By now if you’re on Twitter or in “The Community” you know it’s NATIONAL RUNNING DAY! Can you tell I’m excited?! To show your pride check out Running Day and make your own badge of pride (or a dozen like me)!

I run...

Other ways to celebrate today:

2. RUN! The most obvious one of course! On a treadmill, on the trails, or on the street. Just lace up and get out there – you’re already awesome!

3. Find a running group. Road Runners Club of America or Running in the USA are two good places to start if you’re into pavement, tweet out to #ultrachat and #runchat on Twitter to find trail buddies. DON’T post a Craigslist ad – please!!

4. If you run (or walk) with your phone you can raise money for nonprofit with Charity Miles! Turn it on, pick your nonprofit, and run! Don’t forget to download the app before you head out the door!

5. Splurge a little! This is the perfect excuse reason to gift yourself with something that will enhance your experience. Those new shoes are calling your name 😉


How are you spending National Running Day?

What Happens with Vega…

Gets shared with all!

Fuel Your Better

I am lucky enough to have been one of the bloggers to have been chosen to review a Vega Sport product of choice. Vega Sport started from a plant-based Ironman who was sure there had to be a better way to be a plant-based athlete who was constantly on the go than being tired and hungry all the time. Vega One, an all-in-one nutritional shake, got the ball rolling and inspired a whole line of plant-based nutritional supplements.

The #FUELYOURBETTER campaign is in full force with bloggers reviewing every Vega Sport product. Check it out on Twitter to get all your needs met and to have valuable fitness and nutrition hacks at your finger tips!

Fuel Your Better offers motivation where can subscribe for  training tips, articles, delicious recipes, and more; goes through common fitness hurdles including the Wall and overtraining and how to breakthrough each to become a better, stronger you. 

Fuel Your Better

For me those obstacles come in the form of a lot of things but most relevant to recent events (i.e. Summer) I know I have to watch my electrolyte levels and take what seems like extra electrolytes so I chose the Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator because training down south gets HOT and when I get hot I sweat like a hog.

sweat like a pig

Or like a sinner in church…you get the point 😉

I used to lug heavy bottles of Powerade or Gatorade out with me or have an extra bladder on long runs but bottles are bulky, weighty, and awkward (anyone have an Aunt Marg like this?). When out on the trails there was no place to properly dispose of them

When you sweat you lose electrolytes and no matter how much water you drink you will never, ever regain them unless you replenish. Let me back up though, losing all your electrolytes leads to mild cramping, that horrible runner’s tummy, moderate cramping, full body cramping, and (if not replenished, handled properly) can be fatal in rare situations thanks to IVs and doctors. Happy Wednesday? Back to the happy side of things. Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator “replenishes electrolytes and minerals; enhances metabolism and alkalinity; and provides antioxidant protection.” While doing all of this it ensures your muscles stay receptive to the transfer of energy. All very important to avoid cramps!

#fuelyourbetter IG

Now down to the details!

Taste: It comes in two flavors, berry and lemon lime. I was sent Lemon and true to nature first thing I did was try in a smoothie. It was a little strong the first time, the second time was delicious! I put extra fruit in the there the second time (expert hint haha). Then I followed the directions, what a novel idea, and mixed a packet with 16oz. It was still a little strong so I’m probably going to stick to one pack per 32oz, but that’s just me.

Ease of Use: Super easy! We went to the zoo, I carried the bottle in with me and a pack of Hydrator in the bottle. When I was ready I filled up the bottle with water, dumped the packet in the bottle, shook, and volia – I had my very own awesome plant-based electrolyte replacer!
It was just as easy when running. I tried on the TM and despite being somewhat multi-challenged with coordination on a moving treadmill I was able to successfully execute a Hydration Station! The trail was easier too, I run with a second, smaller bladder so all I had to do was open the second bladder, open a few packets, and close again. Shaking done by the running 😉

Overall: I would absolutely recommend Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator. I love the packaging and how easy it is to stick in my purse, pocket, pack , anywhere really! I’m a huge fan of it being plant-based and everyone friendly. It really works, alleviates cramping and replenishes electrolytes quickly; also keeps those icky things at bay!

So guys – what’s holding you back?

Marathon Monday: T minus

Happy Monday!! I hope you guys are reading in from warmer parts of the world! The high today was 13 degrees – br baby br!!

Ahhhh…another week, another freak out! My half is THREE weeks away :O I should be tapering now right? Wrong, sorta. Since I have my full just five weeks after that I’ll be running right through as if Little Rock were any other training run so it’s extra important I pay attention to recovery!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Outdoor Fartlek – BRRR BRRR BRRR; 6 freezing cold miles and I was so stinking numb. Thanks Coach, I hated it but I needed it!!

Wednesday: Aerobic Circuit, I love them every time and yeah, maybe it’s because they’re getting easier but shh…

Thursday: Swim, swim, don’t drown. It’s not always my favorite thing to find a time when the pool is clear of most others but once I get in it’s awesome!

Friday: Weights brah! So I like the weight room too…maybe this week was just a great workout week?!

Saturday: Treadmill Intervals. Oy, I will admit this was probably my least favorite workout this week mainly because the guy next to me wouldn’t stop wiping sweat on me. Ew. All the TMs were full though so I just sucked it up and showered immediately!!

Sunday: Rest. Ahhh.

Monday: Core Circuit. Still need to do this one but I’ll get to it 🙂


The Rest of the Week:

  • School’s about to get busy, hence why the blog has been a little neglected…sorry guys!
  • I’m finished with snow. As I tell everyone I meet I was born and raised in the South…zero degrees is insane! Just saying, and that groundhog? He stay underground as far as I’m concerned!!
  • Ooooh, look out for a very vegan snack post soon 😉 I’ve been a guinea pig for a few products lately!

Happy Monday everyone! Drop a comment to let me know how I can encourage you in your training this week or just something plain awesome that happened this weekend!!

Marathon Monday: Time to Freak Out

Holy Moly! I have TWENTY-SEVEN days until my first half and not much longer than that for my first 26.2, I’m NERVOUS.

What was I thinking?! My first half 5 weeks before my first full?!

Really though, what WAS I THINKING?

Everyone says, “trust the training,” or “you’ve done 50k, this will be a cinch.” You guys are nuts. No offense. Ok, maybe a little, but only because I’ve heard entirely too often. Really though, I know it’s all meant in good form but it doesn’t do much to ease my anxiety.

Thanks for trying though, I really do appreciate it! Even if I do feel like this is what everyone looks like 😉


Anyway, enough of the pity party. Thanks for letting me rant by the way (not that you had much of a choice haha sucka!!)

Tuesday: Aerobic workout, 30 mins. – Check!

Wednesday: Core Circuit, 30 mins. – Check!

Thursday: Swim, 1 hr. – Check!

Friday: Weights lower, 1 hr. – Check!

Saturday: 10k tempo run, 1 hr. – Check!

Sunday: Rest.

Monday: Rest

The rest of the week:

  • I also started class this week and that’s been a blast! Wait, did I really admit that?! Ok, ok so I like school. #nerdalert as someone so cleverly used on Twitter the other night.
  • I am doing the Move Nourish Believe Challenge with Lorna Jane and my Sweat Pink sisters!
  • THE SEAHAWKS WON!! The Superbowl, in case you’ve been living under a rock or just don’t care!
  • Chevy made my favorite ad:

So, you Sexy Things: Have you ever been in a run rut or doubt your abilities? How’d you get out of the funk?!

Marathon Monday: I Work Out

Merry Marathon Monday guys! I hope the holidays have treated you well and you’ve run right through them without an issue!!


Monday: Run 6 miles

Tuesday: Cross Train 40 mins, swim.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Run 3 miles

Friday: Cross Train 40 mins, bike.

Saturday: Run 8 miles

Sunday: Run 6 miles
I’m not really sure why the milage was so much higher than previous weeks but I enjoyed it. I am ready for

The rest of the week:


  • I won #VegRunChat‘s GladSoles giveaway last night and am so excited to start 2014 off right with a little experimenting with barefoot running! What are GladSoles?! 100% vegan barefoot running sandals.
  • Check out Ranger Relay’s Winter Training Giveaway! They have some awesome prizes! http://bit.ly/1fTTYYu2014-Team
  • I’m now an official part of the Run This Year team as an ambassador! RTY is “A free running community that challenges and inspires you to run as many miles as you can in one year! Run This Year is for anyone who strives to run all year and maybe even run the year in miles!” How cool is that? If you’re interested go ahead and sign up! I’ll be joining and cheering you guys on all along the way!
  • Confession: I have every intention of making these Deep Dish Carmel Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies! No they aren’t vegan but that’s a-ok by me. I may not eat them but those around me will certainly enjoy them!

Hope you guys have a great start to your week and keep an eye out on my Instagram for the delightful baked dessert!

Do you have plans on running 2014? Either 2,014 miles, kilometers, or setting your own goal?