NOURISH your soul

Disclaimer: I received compensation to review NOURISH: The Fit Woman’s Cookbook as part of a campaign with Lorna Jane Active and Fit Approach. All opinions within are my own.

NOURISH the fit woman's cookbook

“Be inspired to stop diet and start nourishing.”

What an amazing first line to read when checking out Lorna Jane’s latest cookbook. It resonated and made the recipes within so much more inviting. Confession: I read that long before I even had my hands on the book. I knew I would fall in love, I didn’t know just how right I was. Beautiful images of tantalizing food can be found in every food magazine, cookbook, and on most food blogs so there is no surprise that the imagery is extended into the pages of the latest Lorna Jane cookbook NOURISH. What may come as a surprise though (I know it did for me) is that it also comes with tips straight from Lorna Jane on how to find healthy eating habits, improve personal nutritional philosophies and life rituals by implementing some of strategies she uses. Yes please! <- See that? Another ‘just say YES’ moment! In a situation like this how could you go wrong? Lorna Jane NOURISH Let’s stop back though and talk Lorna Jane Clarkson for a moment. She is every Woman Crush Wednesday for me. First thing first: She’s the founder and CCO at Lorna Jane Active but it isn’t where she sits on the ladder that makes her an inspiration. Lorna Jane started from humble roots pulling together outfits for her friends before launching Lorna Jane Active. Her personal and brand motto is Move Nourish Believe offering the women who wear her brand a community full of energetic, encouraging women just like themselves!

Onto the real reason you’re here…I have been trying to find my optimal nutrition for a few years now. I’ve looked into every option, I know people in just about every realm, and, well, I haven’t found anything that “just works.” What I have found is that my body thrives with whole, natural food; It is less efficient with processed, greasy foods; and it does work for a treat every now and then. The amazing thing is that’s exactly how Lorna Jane found her balance. This cookbook takes real food, love of yourself, and a basic understanding of nutrition for the busy life and blends them beautifully.


  • The amounts come in both metric and imperial. That’s nice for us US gals! I can convert but life is just so much easier when there no need!
  • NOURISH brings you through an introduction to hydration, alkalinity, and digestion with explanations of how each helps your body thrive.
  • There’s a seasonal eating section that lays out all the fruits and veggies that are in season around the year.
  • Terms that may be new to you are explained. Who knew there was a second name for pumpkin seeds?!
  • NOURISH has incredible photos – everything looks delicious!!
  • There’s an honesty in this cookbook that is evident. I find that everything Lorna Jane tends to breathe this same honesty and I appreciate it. You can definitely see yourself making these meals in the time frame provided and for your family. Or at least I can, I don’t always find that in a cookbook.
  • ‘Cook’s notes’ and Lorna Jane quotes keep you engaged and “listening” to the pages.


  • There are ingredients you will be using that are not corner market ingredients. Mung beans as an example, we happen to be close to a Whole Foods but otherwise I would never have gotten my hands on them. Same with baby corn, Chinese broccoli (couldn’t find this but found a substitute at Whole Foods), and a few other things.
  • Incongruent measurements. This one comes from the hubby and was noted as a “splitting hairs” find. Ingredients are measured both in imperial and metric (as noted above) but they weren’t always in the same order. Grams, cups vs cups, grams. Again, we were splitting hairs to find cons!!


Personally, I have cookbooks I cherish, most of them sent to me by family members and I have individual recipes mainly sent by my grandmother, all of which I do love. This cookbook is a much welcomed addition to the collection. I have the e-version of this cookbook and it’s 127 pages which is a great size for a “real” cookbook too. I LOVE how there aren’t only recipes but also ways to improve your life, inspiration, and teachable moments. We found the portions to be a little large but…that could have just been our miscalculations! The Mr. and I would definitely wear this cookbook thin if it were a hardcopy and will spend hours cooking with the laptop on the kitchen counter. Even though this cookbook was provided to me I would certainly have picked it up and bought it myself, if for nothing more than the wisdom between the recipes. The recipes? Just icing on a very fruitful cake!

Would I recommend it? I would, I have, and I will!


Lorna Jane NOURISH cookbook


What’d we make? I had “pretty blog pictures” but I can’t find my camera! As soon as I find those pretty blog pictures I will make sure to update this post!! 🙂


Chicken and Mung Bean Meatloaf Muffins:

These were…particular. They’re a great muffin to grab as your running out the door any time of day. I grated everything (minus the beans) and I liked the smoother texture with a little bit of umph the beans provided. The hubby liked the flavor but thought they were a little dry. I suppose we’re all entitled to our opinions 😉 Also, we used ground turkey as we could not find ground chicken. We will be on the hunt for that later this week.

Tamari, Lime, and Sesame Beef and Broccoli Stir-fry

We both LOVED this stuff! It made plenty for the both of us to have seconds. I personally took mine without the meat; the hubby said the meat tasted out of place and next time we make it he’s going to keep everything cooking together for a more consistent taste.

Other things we’ve tried:

Breakfast Smoothie – killer; I will taking these babies to class with me!

Honey and Sesame Spirulina Balls – did someone say snack time?! These are the perfect excuse to add ENERGYbits too!

Things we will be trying:

Spinach Hummus

Kumara and Peanut Butter Soup

Out-the-door Energy Bars

So many more!!

Another thing – I love to spend time in the kitchen but wasted time in the kitchen is not my favorite thing. The great thing is that she lets you know right up front if things need to be soaked overnight or will take extra prep time for whatever reason!


Lorna Jane

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What is the best recipe you’ve tried lately? Feel free to share 😉

Forth of July: Homegrown

Good morning!! I hope everyone had a stellar fourth and you were able to celebrate the true meaning! Here’s to another year America – let’s toast! Although I could go on and on about how thankful I am to bleed red, white, and blue I actually didn’t celebrate. What?! This may sound crazy but Friday night I went upstairs about six to do a few things and ended up falling asleep! Not only did I fall asleep super early but I didn’t get up until about eight the next day (eight = sleeping in late). I guess I needed the sleep!


Anyway, per usual, the Mr. and I went grocery shopping Sunday and picked up a few “must have” groceries. Where we go there is always a sign out front telling us how many types of local grown fruits and veggies are on the shelf that day – awesome! Yesterday there were twenty-seven different varieties! We do tend to lean toward the locally grown whenever possible for a ton of reasons and have had some great experiences.

4. Higher quality! Almost 100% of the time locally grown will be higher quality; there’s less farm to table transport, sometimes it’s even transported by the farmer and he or she always has more pride in the product. Shorter transport and shelf times result in a fresher and therefore more flavorful product!

3. It connects you to your food. You get to know how and where your food is grown, there is nothing better than that. You may even get to pick some yourself. I have seen a lot of strawberry and blueberry picking lately on Instagram – looks like you guys are having a blast!

We all eat

2. It’s healthier! Honey contains healthy helpers to ward off local allergens and with less waiting around (on planes, trains, and in warehouses) you will be getting more of the right off plant nutrients.

1. It gives back. Farms are amazing, farms conserve their land for future, protect water sources, and ensure a healthy and safe environment for everyone.

Farming gives back to the community and is truly an art form so don’t hate on your farmers.

Happy Monday!! How did you celebrate the forth?


Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, I just love yoga. All thoughts are my own. 🙂

“I honor the place within you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place within you, which is of Love, of Truth, of Light and of Peace. When you are in that place within you and I am in that place within me, WE ARE ONE”.

How lovely is that? So, to you, Namaste.

Thursday the Lorna Jane package I ordered last week came! I had ordered a yoga mat and it came just in time to zen for the long weekend too – it was great!!

Lorna Jane YOGA

I started yoga even before I started running so I knew I wouldn’t stop when I hit the pavement. Instead yoga continues to help me with my balance (you should know it’s a constant battle!!) and injuries are pretty nonexistent! Not to mention – it helps me relieve stress!

Anyway, now that I have a mat I love and empowers me it can be even more rewarding than ever!

Here’s the sequence I tested yesterday:

Plank -> lower to the mat -> push up to plank
Upward facing dog -> standing bed wrist release -> downward facing dog -> forearm lower & raise
Knee-to-forehead -> crescent lunge -> crescent lunge with interlaced hands
down dog split -> down dog split, open leg -> low lunge -> crescent lunge
Mountain pose.

Lorna Jane YOGA mat 

What do you love about yoga? Or do you hate it?!

More Paleo Fun

Good morning!! I hope you guys had a wonderful week and are getting to enjoy the sunshine!

Saturday my husband came home mid-afternoon and rested. Thrilling 😉 Sunday we went out with our Realtor and checked out potential homes. We found three that we adored but haven’t written a contract…yet. We’re waited for a few final details to fall together and we look forward to writing one soon!

Here are a few more vegan paleo recipes I hope you’ll enjoy!Sunflower Chocolate Paleo Smoothie

Another fun fact about me:

In high school I was in FFA. I was on the Poultry Team and showed goats. We learned the ins and outs of the poultry industry, graded chickens and eggs, and a were transformed into great leaders in the process!!

I also was on the Opening and Closing Ceremonies team (public speaking) and held a few officer positions. Most of these pictures are circa 09-10. It feels so long ago!!

From left to right: Kissing the Indianapolis finish line for good luck, the last goat I ever showed, and a just a great shot of those classic blue jackets!

Throw Me Back: What’s one of your favorite memories from “the old days”?

What The Dog Eats

Don’t let this mug shot fool you:

Queso the Chihuahua

This 10 pound, once perfect dog is a jerk. Yes, this is a dog shaming post.

Meet Queso. Queso is a 2 year old Chihuahua. He is overweight and his knees pop of joint sometimes however we used to love him all the same.

Now when I got up yesterday and went out on my run leaving the dog to his devices I had no idea. No idea I’d come back to a house that was not the same. He first chewed through his first gate (that he had had since Summer 2012) and then through chewed the SECOND gate we got him in a matter of hours. D@!* dog!! I come home and he’s in our bed, no big deal.

It’s a much bigger deal when I realize cutie patootie up there had pulled the pizza box off the table, chewed through (notice a theme yet?), and ate not just one but TWO pieces of Meat Lovers pizza.



This has gotten out of control. I’m taking a stand. He’s ten pounds, I weight way more than that and I’m human. He’s not. While we’ve already taken the measure of barricading him into the kitchen when we’re gone.

My theories of what happened:

  1. He’s going through his terrible two’s.
  2. He’s just starting to develop his personality.
  3. He’s really a jerk. See #2.

My personal favorite #3 but that’s just me.

Oh, anyone who is worried about his sodium and dairy levels – he seems to just fine. It was really hot outside yesterday but he kept himself hydrated and didn’t have issues! He actually crawled up in my lap for a few hours afterward as if that was enough for me to love him again.

Spoiler: I never stopped.

What do you guys think? Anyone else have a horrible dog (or kid or spouse) story to share?

I DO Monday: Our Anniversary

Fair warning: This has nothing to do with food or exercise :D.

Today two years ago I married my best friend. It was at least 102 in the shade and I thought we were all going to melt but somehow we survived. Now, we’ve survived the last two years together too.

When he proposed he was a few months from graduating with his Master’s, didn’t have a job, and didn’t know where he was going to get one. Long story short: I panicked, said yes, and all was well.

May 5th he graduated, May 30th he had a job, June 30th we said I do, June 1st we moved 300 miles north to Saint Louis, and June 2nd he started his new job. Oh, and his first paycheck came 30 days later. Those few months answered the common “Is love enough” questions.

Life since has been easier but it’s the hard times that make us more thankful.

Here are a few of our favorite snapshots of our big day:

We are about to buy our first home and we’re doing it together, we still have our health, and get on the other’s nerves constantly 😉 – I count my blessings every day.

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!