About Me

Life is better in motion

Hey y’all! I’m Emily!

How are yah?! Thanks for stopping by TSP! I suppose you’re here specifically to learn about me, huh?! Well, let me tell you – the fact you’re here at all tickles me pink! I’m a bit of a list girl so lets start there!

  • I grew up in the South.
  • I hate to break it to you but no, I don’t have an accent!
  • I do love country music. And bon fires.
  • I didn’t start running serious until college and even then I wasn’t perfect!
  • I’m perfect now – ha!
  • I didn’t always like running but I do love it.
  • There are three words not in my vocabulary: can’t, impossible, no.
  • Along those lines, you will not out work me.
  • I’m a sucker for any kind of great meal. Food in general really.
  • I love to travel. Anywhere.
  • I have a degree in Nonprofit Administration. I can geek out all day over fundraising and ROI.
  • My passion is the nonprofit sector. Feel free to offer me a job!! 😉
  • I grew up in 4H and FFA and continue to be an agriculture advocate.
  • I’m married and now in Saint Louis!
  • Yes, that means I’m a Cards fan!
  • We have one fur kid, Queso, and he’s the best.


Queso the Chihuahua

Q the Great.


That’s that! Thanks for stopping by (and being awesome) – I hope you stay awhile!

You don’t have to settle for just that though:

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3 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Sounds like a great plan! You sound like a woman with a purpose, and that’s great. I love healthy recipes, and I work out every day to stay fit, so I can identify with much of what you’re saying. My downfall in all of this is chocolate, especially dark chocolate, but at least it’s healthy,…if I don’t over do it. I think it’s great what you’re doing and your goals. Keep going…I look forward to meeting you at BBCSTL this April and getting to know you better!

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